A full tour guide to the Everest base camp independently

I could not get out of my head when I left and walked in Annapurna Base Camp in 2013. I knew I would return some time and finally, I returned to travel in Nepal after five years.

This time, I walked a 15-day trip to Camp Base Everest and trail Lake Gokyo, covering around. 120 km. This is the longest and highest trip I have ever done and I have ever experienced in my 6 years on the road. Don’t deceive the Himalayas!

Seeing Mount Everest with your own eyes is of course a once-in-life experience and I am here for you today. This is the last guide to running independently to the Everest base camp.

Here are all you need to know to have the best trekking experience in your life – the whole route, things to be prepared, where to stay, solving my budget every day, and many beautiful photos.

April-May (spring) and October (autumn) which is considered the pre-monsoon and post-season season, is the best time to walk the trail of the Everest base camp or anywhere in Himalaya Nepal. There are fewer rainbird opportunities and during the period the color of the swinging season.

In April – May (spring) or October – November (autumn), both before or after the rainy season is the best time to decorate the Everest base camp trek or anywhere in Himalaya Nepal in this matter. It’s a small rain likely and at this time the color of the season is full.

The Camp Base Everest lane is very popular at the point that the crowd is almost unavoidable unless you walk or go along the side trail so you can get ready to see tour groups in winter when you are on this hiking line.

I continued the journey from the end of October to November 2018 and I was only hit once for my 15 days. The daily temperature is warm when the sun comes out but quickly descends when the sun disappears at almost 12 ° C at night.

Everest 2019 base camp and Gokyo track prices are updated, violated every day for 15 days, estimated to be total at the end:

Given the overall budget solving, there are several ways to optimize your budget to save your Everest base camp even more on your rise. Here are some tips that I hope I want to know before I make a rise:

Water purification tablets: there can be a bottle of water that is very expensive and there is no better way to save rather than filling and purifying your bottle with tap water. I drink from a tap just like local people without purifying it and I’m fine, but I was born again in Bangkok.

  • Bring your own gift: I understand the feeling of wanting to “treat yourself” after a long trip, but a bar from Snick can burden you legs and arms.
  • Taking a power bank of 20,000 mAh: charge your device will cost so that your own power bank can carry large volumes and costs only when you need it several times.
  • Share rooms with someone: If you are traveling alone, find someone to share a room that must reduce the cost of accommodation by half is the best way to store your inn.
  • Still hold on to vegetarian food, because this is one of the cheapest food in tea. Stick to vegetarian food.

Difficulty Trek Camp Everest Bases

All traces took 14 days to walk 123 km from Lukla to the Everest Basic Camp, to Gokyo and returned. The average running time is around four to eight hours per day with a shorter day if you are more than four thousand meters.

The trajectory is easy to navigate, travel well, and does not require technical skills for mountain climbers, except some of the Chola Pass that leads you to melted glaciers.

I consider the difficulty of moderation on this particular route because you will bring around 10-15 kilograms of a backpack every day and walk around 4-8 hours.

Height is another factor that must be considered because this route might direct you higher than you (the highest point is 5,643 m) and the reaction to your body is hard to predict until you really exist here.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete or a high-level mountaineer, but you have to prepare yourself for what you have in the mountains during your time.

This article will cover all of your questions concerning your training, altitudes and what you can do to make your hike easier for everyone who asks how difficult it is. Everest Base Camp Trekking is difficult.

I stupidly decided to combine EBC with the higher, more technical Iceland Peak climb, instead of only joining the standardized Everest Base Camp trek.

I made another not so clever decision – backpacking in Nepal for 4 months.

I would finish education in Korea and spend time in China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. All this worked out perfectly. When my baggage shoes were over, it was November, which, by the way, is the best time to go to Everest Base Camp.

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