Trek to My Chadar Trek

For a few years in the Zanskar region, adventure seekers worldwide have talked about Chadar Trek. Hundreds of people have experienced the excitement hidden and sight of Chadar’s frozen river by this year. In fact, Chadar Trek is one of the most popular treks in the Himalayas and the most amazing. For those ready to enjoy an adventure at maximum levels, the winter trek is so special.

The trek begins in the Chilling river and the main thing is that the river starts freezing and that in February travelers choose to cross the frozen river as its ice sheets are relatively stable. The precarious snowflakes pose grave threats on the hike, but the challenges for the trekker are kind some other time. The river is completely upright, up to 600 meters high cliffs. The river Zanskar has a 5-meter length and is a tributary of the Indus.

Most of our time in future planning is being invested in …… with a little thought given to the world that we cannot live… anyone can make you feel the dynamics of life as Nature can …… And this is the main experience you will take after walking Mighty Chadar Trek.

The mountain brush makes you feel very small, humble ….. and the power of natural sheer to make your plan go for a throw can make you feel confused.

Track to Chadar – “Life in capsules.” …… This is also the nature of this tour, it gives you a complete life experience …… in 7 days flat, it will take you and go down through all possible ways of life!

So what is this chadar track?

During the winter, the Ladakh temperature dropped to -35 ° C. Many villages were closed when the snow blocked the road, one of which was Valley Zanskar. Zanskar Village is connected to Leh by wild Zanskar River, rural, which in winter freezes with the top layer turns into a layer of ice. For hundreds of years local people use this route … which runs more than 70 kilometers across Chadar risky to Leh during the winter for trading and transportation … but in recent years this route is becoming increasingly popular with adventure lovers as one from the wildest trip in the world and maybe the only one on the frozen river where you walk. The whole journey leads you through a steep canyon when you walk on the frozen river and open the scenery as never seen, makes you extraordinary with beauty, great, and rustic power.

This track definitely needs to be fit for extreme conditions …. but on all these trips are very demanding. Mental strength, perseverance, gifts, readiness to face everything without being abandoned ……… You can’t just think of Chadar which mighty run in all this with deficiencies.

When I left Baroda, I never thought of a change of life in front of me.

Chadar tracks are not like another trip for me ……

Experience, both metaphorically and literally, who took my breath …

And travel starts on Chadar

We arrived in Leh in the morning of February. When the flight came to….10°C … the aircraft manager announced the outside temperature never before… and so he was excited and wanted to learn what it was. As Rohit was suggested, my husband and I were put together in four layers to ensure that the changes in temperature were not surprised suddenly. And … the layer makes us quite comfortable when we leave the plane…

Our body has enough time to adjust to a low oxygen level. So we spent two days doing a little, except for a visit to the market to buy gumboots, warmers, socks, etc. We went straight to the hotel.

The day finally arrived …… and we had our bags and ourselves put in the Xylo which was published with four porters and our Chamba track guide and everything they had, so our trip to regret … our starting point hike ..65kms from Leh.

But when our tour operator could not find more people … it was only 2 of us with our guide and porter, finally. We expect groups with us.

We stopped at Patharsahib Gurudwara on the way to the cold ….. it was not there … but somehow fostered a peaceful feeling that could not be explained every time I visited this place.

Finally, it took about 4 hours before we reached cold. Because of landslides, we had to stop long before the usual starting point of the trip.

At night it became much cooler and the porters and guides we cooked beautiful food from Khichadi as requested by us. Sit in their tent where the stove will burn very entertaining because it is the warmest so we can be on the trip! Our guide Chamba and four porter we Nima, Dorjey, Tashi and Shingles have a team consisting of 5 extraordinary men. The effort they made to make us comfortable and safe through our 6 days in Chadar was unmatched, and I could never thank them.

After half of the Khichadi bowl was cooked by our extraordinary team (thank you for losing appetite), we retired to our tent where we had carefully in-zip in a super warm sleeping bag.

When you experience campground transformation all day … cold ensure that all our movements are slow and we finally finish our morning assignment to prepare for the trip. At 9:30 we left for the next Shingra Comma camp.

I have been running for a few hours now, now one hour away from our camping site … but now extreme exhausted has grown and I feel strangely drought …… think I need to get out of it 10 km walking … No Being aware of my symptoms increase gradually. The campsite reaches again …… a beautiful man on the river side ……….. and decides to rest in his tent for some time.


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