Leh Ladakh Road Trip


This is the last trip this season. Leh Ladakh is one of the most ranked highway trips in the world. The road trip to Leh Ladakh is full of colorful monasteries, steep, narrow roads, the most beautiful and snowy Himalayas region, and the Karakoram mountains. This tour is also physically or mentally challenging you throughout the strong terrain, as well as climate conditions that are not possible, besides offering amazing environmental views. Here we try to give you a complete guide to this famous trip to Leh Ladakh.

There are two different roads to Leh. One of the Srinagar and one of Manali. Manali is a favorite route for cycling to Leh Ladakh, only one day drive from the city, and offers a very exciting trip along the extraordinary and dangerous road along the highest highway in the world. But if the time is on your side, a full trip to Leh Ladakh honeymoon package, along the route Srinagar – Leh – Manali, is a lifetime. The route from Manali to Leh is about 476 km and about 434 km from Srinagar to Leh.

Silk-sunset, some white shades, tar on roads and gloom over the lagoon, fog over the waves, fog over the mirror, the spring gardens and the fairy’s Palace, subjects of poetry, vacuity in the eyes and absence of words, the usual things forever, the old roses on the brisk where love is brought in memories of life forever, Srinagar! The Srinagar tourist sites provide amazing views and hypocritical places to die.

The city that smells of heaven on both sides the Jhelum River, the river that passeth through the town, passing through the valley, and deepening into traveler’s paradise – Dal-Saint-Marie, springs up with the Fajr (pre-dawn-prays) and the zikr where life sings out winter melodies along 9 bridges.

Depending on the initial and final goals and duration, there may be many ways to experience the journey of Leh Ladakh. Weekend vibration offers the best price 8 Leh Ladakh route packages for 2017.

The best time to visit Leh Ladakh

The best time is mid-May to October, to visit Ladakh through the road. From mid-May, the Srinagar Open road. However, the pass of Rohtang in Manali was only open after May, because the road would remain slippery until then. Bicycle tours to Leh – Ladakh start when the road is open. The road is open until November. It’s impossible to travel to Leh – Ladakh until summer and autumn. Leh can only be reached by air from November to April. Leh from Srinagar and Delhi are available for flights. Starting early while driving along the route.

Manali-Leh to avoid trading

Camping place in Leh

Manali Campsite – Tandi, JISPA, Keylong, Sarchu, and Pang routes are available. Leh route. Campgrounds in Srinagar’s, Cargill, Shargol, Tingmosgang, and Sham Valley are available on the Leh route.


Restaurant location in Leh

Marhi, Sissu, Keylong, Sarchu, JISPA, and Pang Restaurants can be found in Manali – Leh Route. Songamard, Drass, Kargil, Mulbekh, and Lamayuru Available in Srinagar – Leh Route Restaurants


Things that must be taken for Leh

  • Always use a waterproof backpack for your items. Here are some important elements for road trips Leh Ladakh
  • Footwear
  • Wear heavy boots to walk or treking. Wear a heavy boat. Have an additional pair if possible
  • 2 – 4 wool socks, useful for cyclists in rather unexpected weather and rough terrain
  • Pack the number of clothes is quite like a jacket, bagpipe, scarves, blankets, gloves, etc. Wear clothes
  • Bring a rainbow to survive unexpected rain / snow


Medical equipment and toiletries

  • Bring the solar veil lotion, moisturizer and lip agent (SPF 40+).
  • Spray and inhaler to relieve pain (volini). Tablet for headaches (prescribed by a doctor)
  • Liquid like gatorade for rehydration
  • Bring lots of water and always hydrated



  • Scarves and hats.
  • UV protected sunglasses
  • Some blades of large plastic tools and plastic bags to maintain the situation during the trip if there is rain.


Electronic devices and accessories

  • For the journey Leh Ladakh, it is recommended that good quality cameras capture beautiful views of the neighborhood that must have live memories. Battery and charger loaded
  • Bring a power bank and cellular loader. At higher heights, the battery tends to lose costs


Other (important)

  • Beginners who have never seen high altitude sites must carry oxygen cylinders available at chemical shops in your cities for several minutes. Buy them in your home in Manali, because the supply gap in the demand in the season can cause them to run out of stock in Manali
  • Bring enough money at any time, because the ATM most of the season is damaged.
  • Info Self-Driving for Leh-Ladakh Travel


General tips

  • Only high-level vehicles such as SUVs or MUV are preferred to walk to Leh – Ladakh by car.
  • Get your car properly served before your trip. It is good to know that some quick and easy improvements are needed so that you are less dependent on mechanical stores.
  • Transportation of mechanical tools kits and pneumatic substitutes when you cross a strong field
  • Safe drive. Don’t be in a hurry through risky areas such as rough roads, landslides, water intersections, etc.
  • Start your trip always in the morning to avoid traffic and not miss the incredible scenery
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