Window Replacement in 2022: 5 Top Tips for Success

Replacing windows is not a simple endeavour. Like any remodelling project, it requires careful planning and research before installers get down to work. Even minor mistakes can prove costly. Follow our tips to make the right choice and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Planning is key to a smooth and timely replacement. If you are looking for windows replacement in Ottawa, check for the guidelines and expert advice. Use this opportunity to give your home exterior a fresh look, boost heat efficiency, and improve security!


1.   Explore Your Options

Replacing a window is not a small investment. Do some research to find the most suitable design and material for your home. In recent years, this industry has come a long way in terms of design and technological solutions. Big brands like WindowPro, STAGE, and Ostaco offer a plethora of styles that add aesthetic and financial value.

Modern catalogues feature slider windows, bay windows, and other modern types. Discuss your options with an expert. You could eventually decide that a custom window is the best choice!

2.   Consider Your Home’s Design

Windows must complement the style of your home and boost its curb appeal. Consider your existing elements, such as design, shapes, and colours, to find a perfect match. For example, bay windows look best in traditional homes, wild picture windows are suitable for modern exteriors.

3.   Don’t Choose the Same Window

Window replacement is a great opportunity to refresh the look of your home. You do not have to choose the same model. Focus on function and form, and pick a superior option with better energy efficiency and design.

4.   Select Dual Pane Windows

Double-pane windows have higher energy efficiency thanks to a layer of air or inert gas between the panes. Typically, manufacturers fill the space with argon or krypton. This nearly doubles energy efficiency.

To measure energy loss, window experts rely on R-value. For a single-pane window, it is roughly 0.85. Adding one pane boosts this indicator to 1.5-2.0. Combined with Low-E glazing, this will bring the R-value up to 2.4-3.0! Triple-pane windows offer even better energy efficiency, noise insulation, and stability.

5.   Hire a Reputable Contractor

Installing a window is not a DIY task. Even if you have successfully completed big home renovation projects, leave this job to professionals. A window is only as good as its installation. Mistakes may result in additional expenses, damage, or injuries.

Contact a trustworthy company that supplies and installs replacement windows. Such firms are one-stop shops: they will help you select an ideal model for the exterior, take accurate measurements, and handle the installation. Thanks to extensive warranties for windows and labour, you will have peace of mind.


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