Triund Trek is one of Delhi and Chandigarh’s most popular weekend trips. It may be the easiest Himalayan walk to go alone.

It’s very picturesque with stunning views of the valley of Kangra and the snow-capped ranges of Dhauladhar.

Triund is the perfect destination for those who are looking for a hassle-free Himalayan trek. The walk can be done easily over a weekend.

This is a short but steep path to Triund. The steep ascent is well offset by cool walks between rhododendron and oak trees. There are also different songbirds in the forests that make it a pleasure for bird-watchers.

In view of the easy walking, the easy access from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj makes this trek difficult for many walkers to take in the peacefulness of the site and get crowded during the weekends or during the holiday season. The beauty of this trek during the weekdays is best experienced.

The view over the powerful range of Dhauladhar and the other mountains

With a very small climb, the walk has some of the best views. You don’t need to go deep into a valley such as Manali or to go up for several days in order to have a wonderful view.

When you start the tour, you can view the Moon peak, Arthur’s seat and Rifle Horn and the mighty Dhauladhar range clearly visible.

Hiking in Himachal Pradesh’s magnificent pine forests

Though it is small to walk through the forest, it takes you to the beautiful segment of the forest, where you will remember the walk.

The trek takes you across pines and coniferous trees, rhododendrons. Trekking through the woods and opening the ridge at the end of the tree line are visible.

The Stunning Sunset from Triund Trek

The sunset is perhaps Triund Trek’s main highlight, and what makes all hikers stay at the ridge overnight. Take a look back, and there is sunlight hitting these mountain areas with some golden lights.

The sunset is perhaps Triund Trek’s main highlight, and what makes all hikers stay at the ridge overnight. Take a look back, and there is sunlight hitting these mountain areas with some golden lights.

Home to more explorations and treks

Triund Trek, unlike other summit treks, is actually not the last place on the trek. If you want to explore more and have a trekking experience in the Himalayas, Triund is just an opportunity for many other adventures.

There are many places to discover, including the Lakha Cave, which runs through the snow, and for experienced trekkers to Indrahar Pass for a number of days.

Begin the walk as soon as possible. Sun and sun can be very harsh later in the day in the first half of the trek up the mountains.

Get to the water reservoir near Dharamkot’s government school. A trail climbs through a forest next to the water tank. Take a half-hour up this path for the clearing of the Galu temple.

One way to the forest from here to the village of Naddi goes south-west. Another forest path leads from Laka to the north-west to the river. The main path to Triund leads straight through the little sanctuary.

There is an option to take a taxi to Gallu Devi Temple from Mcleodganj. You are charged for Rs 500 for a vehicle

You will see the trail with the woods control point once you reach the Gallu Devi temple. No charges are payable. Your ID card is however important and your details are registered in a book.

The amount of plastic you carry will also be inspected on your backpack and checked when you return. Make yourself responsible for carrying them back and walking.

The path is slightly rising, crosses the steep side of Laka ridge through the thick oak forests. The trail is a deep slope, crossing a steep section and emerging on a rocky spur on.

Hence Mun’s pyramidal peak appear larger than life, the main Dhauladhar range comes to view. This whole stretch is ideal for bird watchers since there are different songbirds in these forests.

The railings and a couple of dhabas/cafés serving teas and packaged food on the hike are also available in various places. The walk or the climb has about 22 curves.

You get to the Magic View Café around halfway point. The path gets steeper from here.

A series of switches continue along the trail and through the dense thickets of rhododendron and oak trees climb the Triund ridge.

The last couple of backs take you to the Triund ridge from the rhododendrons. It is an open grassy ridge stretching a good kilometer south before it sinks into the valley of Kangra.

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