Chandrashila Trek, Tungnath A detailed Chopta tour guide

Where to Stay in Chopta?

A day walk to Tungnath and Chandrashila is mostly in Chopta and the day is coming back that same day. You can do it if you leave early, say at 7 a.m. Tungnath should be reached by ten, the temple should be respected and the scene should be enjoyed. Continue to Chandrashila, return by 1 pm. Eat lunch at Tungnath temple or dhabas on the path and begin your walk back to Chopta. Note: the time to go back is usually half that you would take when walking, and in 2 hours from Chandrashila you could come back to Chopta.

You can also stay in tents near Chopta, just before the Tungnath Temple starting point. Tents are located in green wetlands, and it can be a good idea to stay if you want a camping experience. Accommodation in Chopta and nearby is easy even if you have not booked it beforehand, depending on the season, the weekend crowds, and the weather.

In the worst-case scenario in Chopta, you can take the Gopeshwar Route for 3 kms to further accommodation options. In an area called Balkan, there are 4-5 guest homes (It is on the road to Mandal.) I highly suggest that this region stay away from the crowds in peace. Try to make sure you find a place to stay as soon as possible. If you have your own tent, after asking the locals and paying them a fee, you can place it in a safe place.

Best time to get a view: it’s possible, when you get to Chopta about 3 in the evening, to begin your trek to Tungnath with the best views on the trek from Tungnath to Chandrashila. In 45 minutes, the path goes to a lush, green meadow with 3-4 stone dhabas flanked by a ring of snowy peaks. One can expect simple and basic accommodation for 100-150 Rs. per person at these dhabas.

Scenario # 2: Simple residence options in the form of rustic guest houses can reach Tungnath, extremely fitting trekkers. The views of the sunrise are known as legendary from Chandrashila Top. Staying in Tungnath can allow a person to reach the Chandrashila Top before sunrise; otherwise, the journey from Chopta could be a challenging start and Chandrashila can only reach for sunrise!

In Ukhimath, Kund, Srinagar & Rudraprayag, there are options available for residence. I stayed at the affordable but nice 500 Rupees hotel in Ukhimath.

Trekking from Chopta to Tungnath

The trek to Chopta starts directly on the road and is surrounded by many guest houses and dhabas. The walkway is marked and paved correctly until Tungnath. Trees welcome visitors as soon as the walk starts; on the left side there is an endless range of snow-capped peaks. The whole journey from Chopta Trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila is relatively easy and requires no guide services.

Beautiful wetlands appear about 45 minutes after the beginning of the trek and can make the best campsite throughout the trail. Having tea, coffee, food, and packed food, there are here 3-4 dhabas. The dhabas are also doubled in the night as basic shelters. These dhabas can also be useful if you need assistance somehow in an emergency or an accident.

Around this point the trail zigzags and climbs steadily upward. There are a couple of places to sit down and enjoy the snowy peaks. Lucky people can also see a colorful Monal on the slopes near Tungnath Temple, the state bird of Uttarakhand.

The tree cover gives way as you climb 3100 meters and the sun shines brightly, around halfway to Tungnath. Make sure you have enough water for the trek with you. For beginners, in particular, don’t forget it is a race and everybody has their own rhythm so simply take it slowly and steadily and enjoy the panorama.

Tungnath is at an altitude of 3680m and one of the Panch Kedar shrines, the highest Shivan Temple in the world. It is thought to be over 1000 years old. In the winter the temple is shut down and the deity moves to the village of Mukku. In summer, around the end of April and in November in winter, the temple Tungnath opens its doors to pilgrims.

A little detour to Ravanshila is about ten minutes before you come to Tungnath. This is the place in which the King of demon, Lord Shiva, meditated. From Ravanshila you have a panoramic view of the valley. It is best to ask locals or dhabawallahs close to the temple if you are not sure about the location of Ravanshila.

A small detour to the summit named Ravanshila, approximately ten minutes before you reach Tungnath. It is where King Ravana, the demon, meditated on Lord Shiva. From Ravanshila you have panoramic views of the valley. It is best to ask locals or dhabawallahs close to the temple if you are not sure about the location of Ravanshila..

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