Top Practises For Android Developers

Let’s get acquainted with some of the best Android development practices you should follow.

Mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives. From shopping to travelling, from education to entertainment, from socializing to ordering food – everything can be done at the tap of a button.

The number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 Billion. This translates to 48.41% of the world’s population that owns a smartphone.

Hence, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to utilize the full potential of a mobile app for improving their brand identity and building their brand image.

Apart from growing popularity among users, mobile applications are a proven engaging business tool to increase user engagement rates and influence lead generation.

Android App Development

If you are building an app, developing for iOS or Android is the very first decision you need to make.

While you might be planning to attract the audience of both tech giants, it would require you to loosen your purse strings way too much.

Also, if you are just getting started as an Android app developer, developing a mobile app can be intimidating.

The fact that Android is so widespread and continues to dominate the global market share, it would be compelling enough to choose it as a platform for your next hit app.

The vast majority of app downloads worldwide come from the Google Play Store. Hence, it becomes a key responsibility for the Android app developers to ensure their users don’t face a bad experience while using the app.

In the coming section, we have mentioned a few Android development tips (put together after a careful scrutinizing by our experts) you should not miss if you wish to offer an optimum experience.

Top Android App Development Tips

There is no need to waste time looking for a suitable model. Instead, choose the best practice and focus on delivering the best app.

It’s important that you apply the best practices while developing your Android app to increase the success chances of your app in this highly-competitive market. Follow the following pro tips and techniques to let your apps speak for you.

1)   Get yourself more acquainted with the internals of an Android framework

Don’t just go into the documentation. Dive deep into practical knowledge of how Android internal frameworks work. You will discover how things actually operate, relate and fit together.

If you need to up your Android game, get your hands on the inside and get an overview of the core components of the Android stack.

2)   Start reading & practising a lot more code

If you are spending most of your time coding what you already know, you are not growing. The secret to becoming a better developer is to read the code of experienced developers. Browse through open-source apps and libraries. You will find n-number of coding techniques and feature implementations you weren’t even aware of.

3)   Fear of missing out (FOMO)? No worries!

Android is a big, happy family. You cannot expect to learn it fully within a month or two. Plus, the more you learn, the more you will know how much you have to catch up.

If you are a beginner, it’s normal to be missing out on a few things as you are trying to build things, one step at a time. Start with the things you really need to know to get rolling and bit by bit, expand your horizon.

4)   Make your IDE work for you

Understanding the IDE you are using i.e. Android Studio can help you a lot more than you can probably think of. Your IDE has hidden talent, cool features and shortcuts that most of you usually forget to discover.

Be always on the lookout for innovative ways to make your tool work for you to improve your productivity and workflow.

5)   Time to explore and experiment with Java design patterns

It’s an age-old saying that learning Java design patterns can be a wonderful addition to your Android development career.

Whenever an app throws you a critical programming problem, hit it out with Java design patterns. Factory, Decorator or Facade pattern can help you with developing an easier and simpler interface for an underlying object.

6)   Kotlin for Android development

Java and Kotlin are the most popular programming languages for Android app development. The only difference is that Kotlin offers a few added advantages over Java.

Moreover since the Google announcement of providing first-class support for the Kotlin, the interest in language has skyrocketed. This is great for Android developers as they get to experiment with a new set of tools and create pleasing apps that users enjoy engaging with.

Ending Notes

Taking into account the listed practices will help you create a record-breaking app seamlessly.

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To all the developers, don’t forget to keep testing on different devices and OS versions.

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