8 Things to do to Organise the best Fresher’s party alumni meet and farewell in 2021

We cannot begin imagining the pain the students and alumni of the year 2020 must have gone through. The dream of entering a reputable dream university, making new friends, flaunting high-end dresses on the first day and making a mark amongst peers shattered for many. In Fact, the daunting online classes took another toll, with students losing their confidence instead of being new stars and sharing their new personalities. There’s an uncountable number of students out there who were 17 and missed their fresher’s party because they were stuck in lockdown. Many students were supposedly on a break for 15 days but ended up becoming alumni who by the way didn’t get any farewell either. Next, come alumni who were eager to meet their friends from college once again and to give back to their institute what it has given to them. Many dreams shattered to the ground but it’s now time to pick up the pieces and build a wall. It can only be predicted and hoped that things come to normal in a few months and the drive for vaccines turns out successful so that we can catch up on celebrating all the moments we lost last year.

So whoever is reading this it’s time you suggest to your seniors and juniors that these deserving students should be honoured with welcomes and goodbyes and here’s how you can do it correctly. Note that these parties have something in common and so these are a few must-have things beyond which it’s your playing field to do whatever you want to make the celebration more exciting,

  • Order cake

Order a theme cake according to the celebration and if you cater to one batch at a time you should order online cake delivery in Dehradunor another city where you are located and make it a photo cake with the photo of the whole batch. You can do certain editing in the pictures by adding remarks and putting emojis aligned with people based on their personalities as well.

  • Create a theme

Create a theme for the celebration and assure that everyone dresses the desired way according to the theme. You can take ideas from social media and you can refer to an old idea from the college itself. It can be about Bollywood, Hollywood, old memories, film characters they associate with or anything you think makes the most sense.

  • Create a contest

Like any other institutional party, this one too should have some anecdotes that keep everyone excited for coming and participating. It could be about the knowledge they have about their institution, it could be educational or fun or it could be a combination of both. Make random teams and remember to keep valuable rewards ready for all.

  • Personalised invitations

Send an invitation to them all in special ways by sending along with a beautiful mini present or by sending them an invitation with their picture on it. It could also be an invitation that has some famous anecdotes from the batch. It should be something that compels them to come to the meet and be there with their friends and teachers.

  • Return gifts

Sending them off with return gifts is important for them and you to always remember the beautiful day. They could be the cups with pictures and quotes, flower bouquets or customised pens. You could also go out of the box and give them a bottle lamp with pictures to make up for the lost year as well.

  • Social media campaign

However large or small scale your celebration is, remember to make it a social media campaign for the world to see how connected you are with each other and to gain popularity for the institution as well. Making an effective social media presence these days is an absolute must and you should do it too.

  • Awards

All such functions have some lined up pending awards to be given to the deserving ones and this is the time. The task has already been delayed by a year and it’s only fair that the serving students or now executives get their awards. You can make this ceremony more exciting by bringing party pops to burst at times of an award.

  • DJ night

A DJ night wouldn’t have slipped your mind even if we hadn’t put it here because that’s how essential it is to the crowd. It is the place where people go nuts and blah and dance collectively as a group. Arrange for soft drinks near the dance play so that the fun keeps going on.

  • Find a Good Venue

Before organizing a fresher’s party finding a good venue within your budget is most important part of celebration. Choose best venue from online website after checking customers review and feedback about that place.

  • Decide Food Menu

You should plan in advance about lip-smacking food menus, desserts, dishes and fast foods. You can hire a perfect caterer according to your needs. Deciding food menu is one of the most important parts of every celebration.

Delicious food’s creates a happy and amazing environment during party celebration. If you are organizing a fresher’s party theme then you can also customize the names of your dishes according to the theme.

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