The redemption of broken cars is one of the defining areas of our company’s activity.

We will make an urgent redemption of cars after an accident, serious breakdowns, prolonged inactivity, including for spare parts. In connection with the rise in price of car maintenance, the demand for high-quality original spare parts and consumables has increased significantly. Even a faulty car in critical condition can bring its owner a monetary benefit. The main thing is a qualified assessment and the correct selection of potential buyers. Buying out faulty cars is a wide niche where there is always a regular demand. Cars are often sold because of problems with the engine or gearbox, especially automatic. Repair in these cases is often 30-60% of the cost of the vehicle. Often this is not profitable for the owner. In our company named JunkCarsUs we offer cash for junk cars without paperwork

Services we offer:

  • Urgent redemption of any cars, regardless of technical condition. Even if the car is not able to go, it does not start, it looks like car trash it can be sold.
  • Honest expert evaluation of the vehicle with free visit to the client.
  • Official provision of services on the basis of a contract.
  • Removal of the client’s vehicle free of charge by tow truck, if it is not able to move.

Guaranties of our company 

Our company carries out the redemption of cars in any condition, including faulty cars. If you need to sell a car with a faulty engine as quickly as possible, then contacting us is the best way out of the situation. We guarantee:

  • diagnostics and evaluation of the car;
  • legal and legal execution of the necessary documentation;
  • quick redemption in just 1 hour;
  • favorable conditions – the client receives up to 95% of the market value of the car.

In just 4 steps, you will get rid of a faulty car within 24 hours and get the most profitable offer for it. We are engaged in the purchase of any cars, regardless of the degree of damage. Even selling a car with a faulty engine is possible. Our company has been on the market for more than 10 years and we care about our reputation. Every year we expand the base of regular customers who make profitable deals with us and get paid for their cars, in whatever condition they are. A team of professionals studies the market every day, and we can confidently say that our offer for you will be the most profitable. If you do not want to spend money on repairs, pre-sale preparations or try to sell a faulty car yourself – call us and order the service “buying up faulty cars”. We will help to solve your problem in a matter of hours.

Benefits of using our services 

Our advantages:

  • Official and secure conduct of all transactions. The client does not risk anything, does not incur additional costs.
  • Expert assessment of the condition of the car, its systems, and spare parts. A high probability of earning up to 40% of the market value from the sale of the vehicle.
  • All cases: cars after serious accidents, lack of planned maintenance, not on the go, with a complex and negative history, several owners. We take the registration of the transaction and all the legal subtleties on ourselves.
  • Departure directly to the client. You do not need to take the car anywhere, especially if it is not capable of it.
  • Drawing up a contract of sale right on the spot on the day of application, instant settlement after signing the contract.
  • We will take the car out of the client’s territory free of charge.
  • We serve individuals and legal entities.
  • Lack of expectation and uncertainty.

Buying cars with a faulty gearbox

Urgent redemption of broken cars through our company is a guarantee that the transaction will be made, and the client will remain at his own interests. Finding a buyer for your strength is always a waste of time, an uncertain wait, the risk of being left without a car and money. Entrusting the redemption of the car to professionals, you thereby achieve the result faster and bypass many difficulties in this area. So, you have decided to get rid of a broken car. Selling faulty cars is not an easy thing to do. Finding a buyer is unlikely to be a problem, but selling for an adequate amount can be difficult. You can try to give the car to a commission car site that will resell the car, but, not only will they not offer a lot of money there, but you will also have to pay regularly for the place. Not exactly profitable, right? Therefore, we recommend using the car buyback service not on the go from JunkCarsUs: the European quality of service, payment of up to 90% of the market value of the car and the efficiency of work are the main advantages when working with our company. The redemption of broken cars from us will take no more than 3-4 hours from the moment of receipt of the application by phone or feedback form. After that, our expert will come to you, who will offer a price for buying a car not on the go. Stop spending money on unnecessary advertising and waiting for a call from potential buyers – we will organize an urgent redemption of the car. You do not need to go to us across America to get the cherished and long-awaited money for the car. We will pre-evaluate by phone, come and formalize the transaction on the spot. We have been working in the field of car buyback for many years and have many advantages. We not only help our customers save a lot of time and effort, but also offer high payment for any cars. For the redemption of emergency cars or cars not on the move after an accident, we have our own tow truck service. We will provide a tow truck for your car absolutely free of charge.

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