6 Tips to Reinvent Your Look This Year

Reinventing your look is a long process that can seem overwhelming when first starting out. You will have to work consistently if your goal is to change your appearance. Whether you want to lose weight or switch up your wardrobe, all of these changes require careful planning ahead of time for the best outcomes. To help you get started, here are six tips to reinvent your look this year.

1.   Take It One Day At A Time

If the idea of reinventing your look means dropping some weight and becoming a brand-new you, you need to exercise patience and take it just one thing, and one day, at a time. We logically understand that change does not happen overnight, but for some reason, this is still a discouraging component for lofty goals like weight loss.

2.   Change Up Your Hairstyle

Sometimes, you just need a drastic change to feel like a new you. Change up your hairstyle first and see if that does the trick. Consider your brows here as well if you’re considering getting bangs. Look into brow shapers and trimmers for inspiration before you decide on a haircut.

You may realize that you didn’t need to lose weight or change your wardrobe; it was your hair you wanted to see a change in. Look at different hairstyles, ask a hairstylist about the best haircuts for your frame, and go from there.

3.   Get Inspired By Global Fashion

Get inspired by fashion you see around you, in magazines, online, etc. You may be looking to create a new fashion aesthetic. Once you’ve clarified your ideal fashion style, make a list of the items you need to purchase to bring this look to life.

Start decluttering your closet and getting rid of any clothing items you no longer want or need. Consider donating some of them and making extra cash by selling items to consignment shops.

4.   Get A Stylist

You can subscribe to get your wardrobe created for you with the help of professional stylists. These services can be a useful option for those who don’t have time to shop or who don’t know what to shop for.

You’ll get a box delivered to your door with the items that match you based on the info you’ve given your stylist. Usually, there will be online forms that will help your stylist chart your style path and find an overall aesthetic that appeals to you.

5.   Change Your Accessories

If you typically accessorize with the same items, try changing them this year to reinvent your look. Try taking the opposite approach of what you’re used to wearing. For instance, if you typically wear chunky jewelry, try going with minimalist jewelry like raw metal studs. You can also incorporate hair accessories to complete your look. Try out oversized hairclips and ribbons or play up a messy bun with a headband or bandana.

6.   Play Up Your Makeup

Maybe changing up your look this year is as simple as switching up the way you do your makeup. There are tons of makeup trends to consider. Look at makeup tutorial videos online and see what looks spark your inspiration.

Get creative and play with different colors and materials to find the best makeup for your new look. Don’t forget to factor in your skincare needs. You don’t want your new look to include skin irritation!

The Bottom Line

Reinvent your look this year by taking things one at a time to see significant results. Whether you need a mild change like switching up your jewelry or something more time-consuming like weight loss, take your time with the process so your results can be even better than you imagined.

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