How Much Does a Full Set of Veneers Cost?

People often opt for dental treatments without checking how much does a full set of veneers costs, which is never a good idea. Given that veneer procedure is one of the most common dental procedures in the world, it is a wiser choice to know whether you get high-quality services or not.

Many dentists recommend single tooth veneer for patients, but often it is necessary to get full sets of veneers (usually six to eight in a set). Although, the number of teeth in a set can go up to 12 depending on each case. The benefit of getting a full veneer set is improving the shape, angle, color, and size of teeth. Not just aesthetic concerns, your dental fixtures will help you chew better as well.

What are Veneers?

What are veneers other than thin shells or sheets of porcelain or composite resin covering the teeth and providing an aesthetically improved smile to the patient? Veneers are permanently bonded with the front side of teeth, so a portion of enamel is sized down for the sticking to last longer. The sizing down of teeth is an irreversible process, so dentists at reputable clinics, such as Dentakay,ften talk about going forward with the treatment with the patient before making any final calls. Visit

The most significant difference between a veneer set and crowns, bonding, and implants is that the veneers cover the front portion of your teeth, which is why they need extreme care and can last for 10 =15 years if maintained properly.

Dental Veneers Types

The most apparent dichotomy of dental veneers types boils down to porcelain veneers and composite veneers, as mentioned above. These types are based on the raw materials used to make dental facades.

Porcelain veneers are sturdier in composition, making them harder to stain or corrode. However, compared to composite veneers, they require multiple sittings with your dentist to get things done.

Composite veneers do not require heavy preparation as dentists do for porcelain veneers, although they do not last very long either. They can last anywhere up to 8 years with good hygienic habits, and that is almost half a life as that of a porcelain veneer set.

How Much Do Veneer Sets Cost?

Talking about the types of veneer sets was to set up for what’s to come: how much do veneer sets cost and the factors influencing it. Porcelain veneers come at the highest price range worldwide because they are unarguably the most elevated quality teeth veneers out there. These sets also require the most time and effort to make in a laboratory.

Another reason for their costliness is the number of appointments to install them. Average porcelain set costs between $7,500 – $20,000 worldwide. Please remember that these prices might be lower in areas where the cosmetic industry gets a huge chunk of government grants to flourish medical tourism.

While we are on the topic of porcelain veneers, how can we forget about no-prep veneers? These are essentially porcelain veneers but much more cost-effective. They do not require any tooth preparation ahead of time and are made from cost-effective materials such as thinner ceramics. Their downside, you guessed it, are they have shorter lifespans. They also look less natural than porcelain veneers. No-prep veneers are also called Lumineers, and they fall within the range of $6,500 – $1,600 per set of eight veneers.

It all comes down to composite veneers when it comes to readily affordable teeth veneer options. These veneers are made from the same type of bonding agent which is used for dental fillings, so they take no time at all. You can get them in a single setting. Their downside is that they are more brittle than porcelain or no-prep ones, which means they chip and break more often. A composite veneer set will cost you anywhere from $2,000 – $12,000 on average.

What Is the Cost of Temporary Veneer Sets?

What is the cost of temporary veneer sets? It is a great question if you cannot cover permanent veneers’ cost or are concerned about undergoing a dental procedure. Clip-one and snap-on veneers are some of the most popular temporary veneer sets, but they are made from flimsy plastic or resins. They are incredibly cheaper than regular veneers; you can get a set anywhere between the range of $160 to $2,400. Some might say that these are terrible investments.

Because they are heat-activated, you have to be careful about eating or drinking hot stuff with these on, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Factors Influencing the Veneer Set Cost

The factors influencing the veneer set cost can vary a lot, with the slightest change in any one of the factors resulting in the price to shoot by as much as $1,000.

Some of the main factors are listed as follows:

  1. If you’re purchasing a set of veneers, you may get a discount or bundled rate that’s lower than for when you get a single tooth; however, it may not be the case everywhere.
  2. The general condition of your teeth: if you have healthy teeth, your cosmetic dentist will proceed right away with the dental veneer placement.
  3. The experience and expertise of the cosmetic dentist.

We do not suggest that you go for the priciest veneer sets in the market in the name of high-quality, but you should also be aware of suspiciously low-costing procedures. Always do your research before getting any major medical or dental procedure.


In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting your teeth fixed, you cannot ignore higher-quality and better-reviewed clinics out of the equation. The dentists there will be better equipped to deal with patients of any medical history because they have a significant amount of experience over a decade.

Always check if a procedure is over-or under-costing veneer procedure because chances are you will get a better price for an excellent quality if you are willing to search for it.


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