How does foreign exchange impact business in 2022?

The Impact of Foreign Exchange on Businesses

When business owners think of the forex market, they often imagine that its highs and lows only impact those who are trading currencies daily.

Traders may feel a significant impact if the currency they bought sharply dips in value, but they are not the only ones that gain or suffer from such situations.

Business owners, whether they are operating a small company or a large corporation, also feel the impact of forex trading and the shifts in currency values.

Below is a guide that explains how foreign exchange plays a role in doing business around the world in 2022 and the coming years.

Importing and Exporting Goods

One of the most transparent ways foreign exchange rates impact a business is when it needs to import or export goods. You may bring in certain products from overseas if you are running a business. Even if you are attempting to manufacture or produce most of your items domestically, some raw materials may arrive from other countries.

The values of currencies heavily impact such trading. If there is a depreciation of your money, it makes it more expensive for you to import goods. In contrast, currency appreciation results in imports becoming cheaper.

Those who are exporting goods will find that currency depreciation is beneficial, as you can make more money without having to change your prices. That is one of the reasons why China devalues its currency, as it allows companies to claim greater profits when selling goods abroad. Such a move benefits the Chinese economy immensely.

If your business relies heavily on either imports, exports, or both, then you must keep an eye on exchange rates to understand how your bottom line may be impacted in the coming months. Companies that factor foreign exchange rates into their quarterly statements will perform better in the long-term, as they are looking at every possible element when analyzing revenue, expenditures, and profits.

Domestic Operations Are Also Impacted

Even if a business is only selling products or services that it makes domestically, such a company will feel the impact of foreign exchange rate changes.

Your competitors’ likely source products from overseas, which means they might raise or drop their prices depending on currency valuations. Their actions will impact your business, which means that you should keep an eye on exchange rates even if you are not doing business overseas.


A change in exchange rates can impact the way you may be able to invest your money domestically and abroad. Suppose there is currency depreciation, but your country is appealing to investors. In that case, you may face competition from abroad when trying to put your money into real estate, startups, or other operations.

If you are hoping to invest abroad, then you must keep an eye on your currency’s value, along with the value of the currency in that country. For instance, someone in Australia may want to assess the value of the Australian dollar and U.S. dollar, if they plan to invest in the United States in the near future.


If you run a business in a major city, your bottom line is likely impacted by how many people visit the area every year. While locals make up the majority of sales for most businesses, tourism booms can result in significant sales during the summer and winter months.

Currency depreciation can be helpful in this respect. If your country is an attractive place for people to visit, and your currency depreciates, then it becomes cheaper for tourists to visit and enjoy your city. They are more likely to spend a lot of money at hotels, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, and other establishments.

Taking World Events Into Account

Business owners often think of their industry as highly localized. They may only pay attention to what is happening with competitors in their area or similar businesses in the same country.

A crucial step that every entrepreneur must take is to think about how the world may impact their operation in a given year. When significant world events occur, foreign exchange rates are affected. The fluctuations of currency value, in turn, impacts business owners.

By understanding the above examples of how foreign exchange plays a role in doing business in the modern economy, business owners can watch out for forex fluctuations and act accordingly.

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