3+ New Types of Treatments in 2022

Today’s consumers are curious about blending holistic and western approaches to medicine and therapeutic intervention. The mixed approach to wellness has popularized over the years as new perspectives on healing like functional medicine and dialectical behavioral therapy have emerged onto the scene. Encompassing both eastern and western philosophies on healing has allowed scientists, doctors, researchers, and patients to benefit from taking a balanced stance on how to take care of themselves and define what it means to be healthy. To learn more about how these overlaps in healthcare have taken shape, read on and discover some new types of popular treatments available.

1. Liposuction And Other Cosmetic Surgeries

The body positivity movement has encouraged people to pursue cosmetic changes for themselves. At the same time, the desire for perfection as presented across social media has also drawn people to seek changes in their appearance. There are certainly mixed views on treatments within this domain, but ultimately it is up to the individual. If it’s right for you, go for it!

Laser surgeries are also becoming popular for cosmetic and medical purposes. Lasers are used cosmetically for hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, and other cosmetic interventions, and they play a role in reducing tissue damage, treating signs of cancer, etc. Opting for treatments like liposuction and tummy tuck scar treatment is more intriguing today due to advanced techniques and minimally invasive procedures. For better or worse, cosmetic intervention is now more popular among younger generations who want to offset the visual effects of aging for as long as possible. Lip fillers, dermal fillers, and other injectables are particularly popular among millennials.

2.   Hypnosis As Supplemental Therapy

The cartoon depiction of hypnosis gives scientific hypnosis a bad rap; in actuality, it’s a therapeutic concept that is growing in appreciation for its effectiveness as a supportive treatment for many conditions, fears, and phobias. Just as you may have heard of using positive affirmations to change your way of thinking, hypnosis is very similar to this approach. You are given subtle suggestions with your subjective experience in mind that ultimately shape your life.

This approach has helped many people overcome irrational fears and build better relationships with themselves and others. Its lack of mention in the psychological world is due to a lack of research on efficacy- not a lack of efficacy itself! There are many different audiobooks and hypnosis recordings that you can use at home for your trial and error. If you like what you hear, consider working with a trained hypnotist in your area and start unraveling unconscious beliefs that no longer serve you.

3. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Marsha Linehan’s DBT resulted from her journey of overcoming borderline personality disorder. The manual consists of exercises and treatment protocols for those recovering from BPD and other mental illnesses. Using mindfulness practices and behavioral science, Linehan merges the two to create a practical, skill-based approach to treating emotional reactivity, distress tolerance, and more. For those looking for more than to ponder the question of “and how does that make you feel” in therapy, this new approach to healing is worth a read!

The Bottom Line

There are a handful of new mental and physical health treatments in 2022. No matter what your specific needs and expectations are, you can find what you’re looking for in treatment. Look into the listed options above as a starting point, then do research, and find the new treatment protocols that feel the best to you! It’s a modern world, with modern thinking that can lead to miraculous discoveries if you let it!

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