Why Using a High-Quality Email Service Is a Must When Running an Online Business

Most customer inquiries are going to come by email. In the past, consumers turned to directories like the Yellow Pages to get contact information for businesses whose products they were interested in buying. Now, however, they turn to search engines and emails. A good email server will benefit your business in innumerable ways. Unless you have one your customer inquiries might not come through thus losing you money.

In addition to a high-quality email server, your business needs an effective retargeting campaign. This post will cover both of these things in more detail:

Mail Tags

Using a generic mail tag will give customers the wrong idea about your business. Nobody wants to do business with a company that doesn’t have its own email server. If you send professional correspondence with a generic tag, i.e., gmail.com or Hotmail.com, it will make your operation look unprofessional. Sourcing professional email hosting should be relatively easy since there are many different companies offering it. Make sure that your mail tag corresponds to your website and business. Your email address should be consistent with your website and the name of your business otherwise it will confuse customers.

Email Costs

When sending emails there are no hidden costs. An email sent to Thailand will cost the same as an email sent to the United States. This, therefore, makes emailing an efficient and cost-effective method of networking and communicating. Sending handwritten correspondence, making phone calls, and even video chatting will cost you exponentially more than a private email server will. The price of sent mail depends on the plan you have taken out. Some plans do not charge for emails while others do. Whatever costs there are will be negligible.

Professional Appearance

As mentioned earlier, a generic mail tag will give customers the wrong impression about your company, making it look amateurish and unprofessional. Having your own custom mail tag will instill confidence in your customers, motivating them to continue doing business with you. Psychologically, consumers like to do business with companies they know are successful, as in order to achieve success businesses must offer something of value. Another way of making your business appear more professional is to have a high-quality website built for you from scratch. Most websites nowadays use templates, but these are just as unprofessional as generic mail tags. In your emails, use custom signatures, i.e., your name followed by your mobile number and business headquarters.

Reaching Recipients

When you send an email it will reach its recipient in a matter of minutes. The speed with which emails arrive in people’s inboxes makes them the most superior method of getting in touch with customers, employees, and partners. One thing that does need to be mentioned however is that if you do not invest in a high-quality server then emails could end up being delayed. Sometimes they will not even be sent. It is important to spend time researching so that you can find the most reliable email server you can. The more reliable your server is, the easier correspondence will be to manage.

Permanent Storage

The most challenging part of corresponding with clients, colleagues, and partners by mail is storing received letters. At first, storing letters is easy. However, as more and more come in, lockers are needed to keep them safe. Depending on where you live there could be regulations you need to adhere to relative to the handling and storing of received mail. Many of the letters your business will receive will contain the personal information of consumers. If any of this information leaks it could get you into a lot of trouble. Email servers are much more secure and scalable.

Tagging People

Sending out letters and making phone calls can be time-consuming and expensive. When you use an email server for correspondence, you can send emails out to hundreds of people at once. Tagging people in emails is very straightforward. All you need to do is include their email addresses in the recipient box of your emails. Most servers allow you to tag up to 1,000 people at once. Ensure that you only tag the right people when you are sending professional and personal emails out as data leaks can again get you into trouble.

Email Retargeting

As far as digital marketing goes, email retargeting is one of the most effective solutions there is. Unlike other forms of marketing, it is extremely affordable and can be undertaken without a professional’s help. Email retargeting involves sending emails to site visitors who have abandoned carts or just left your site without making a purchase. There are many different email retargeting platforms operating on the internet today. Spend some time doing research and finding the one that you think would be the best fit for your business. Always read reviews before buying any kind of service for your company.

Marketing Success

Email marketing is, like email retargeting, a leading online marketing solution. Email marketing is a little different from retargeting, in that it involves sending emails out to site visitors whose email addresses and contact information you already possess. With email retargeting, you pay a platform to give you access to their database of customers. Sending marketing emails out can get annoying, so send them in moderation. Sending too many at once will irritate consumers and could even result in them blocking further correspondence from your business. You can get the contact information of customers by encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter. 

Newsletter Sign-ups

To effectively compile a database of consumers the first thing you need to do is to get marketing consent, meaning you must get them to approve of you sending them emails (and you also need to get their email addresses). Newsletter sign-ups are quite easy to get. All you need to do is to offer site visitors a discount of between 5 and 10% on their next purchase. When sending out these coupons it is important to use custom-generated one-time codes so that consumers do not take advantage of your generosity. Unfortunately, discount abuse is a big problem for the businesses of today. Coupon codes are regularly advertised online, giving unauthorized individuals access to promotions designed for other people.

Running a business today requires extensive knowledge of technology and online marketing solutions. It would be impossible to achieve financial success without a private email server in modern business world. Acquiring a private server is a relatively straightforward process and does not involve much work on your part. All you need to do is reach out to a service provider and ask them to show you their plans.

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