Why Should You Consider Switching Your Church’s Energy Supply to Renewable Energy?

The Christian community launched a project that responds to global climate change issues. It encourages UK households and churches to switch to renewable sources of energy. As church energy costs keep rising, consider switching to a better deal.

As the prices of everything keep climbing, it is more important than ever to reduce running costs. One way is to make a business energy comparison to find a tariff and energy deal that will work best for you. Below are answers to questions churches may ask when thinking about switching.

Why use renewable energy for your church organization?

During the last decade, the planet has been suffering the effects of climate change. Churches are calling for people to switch to renewable energy to prevent disaster.

Using a renewable energy source will help reduce greenhouse emissions. It also reduces the need to consume non-renewable sources. Likewise, the energy it supplies is sustainable, while its facilities are low-maintenance.

A 2019 study revealed that 85% of UK residents support renewable energy. The Christian project called the Big Church Switch also encourages this.

In this project, thousands of individuals will pool their buying power. They will then leverage green deals with energy suppliers in the UK.

Why make the switch?

Wholesale energy prices are increasing. It is now challenging to keep church expenses down. There are budgetary constraints, and buildings are costly to maintain. Churches also hold many events, which add to energy usage and costs.

If you switch to an energy provider with a better deal, you can save thousands of pounds each year. Find the best provider for your church by using a business energy comparison service. This technique helps you to save up to 45% on energy bills.

Why should you consider switching energy providers?

The main reason to switch energy providers is to cut energy costs. Switching energy suppliers is effective in dealing with rising prices. It also allows you to have flexibility with your contract.

Prices of church energy are increasing fast and draining church funds. But you can manage this by using the switching method. Your church can then use the extra money towards improvements and repairs.

It is typical for a congregation to hold regular activities in their building. When you use a green energy supplier, you can reduce your carbon footprint. It is, thus, a practical strategy to switch to a green energy provider.

How long will it take for the energy switch to finish?

It will take 21 days to switch to a new energy supplier. During this changeover, there will be no power disruption at your end. If you choose an excellent switching team, you do not need to handle the complex part of the process.

When is the best time to switch energy providers?

There is no fixed period to change your energy supplier. It is because you can do it anytime. If you change suppliers while your contract is still effective, you will need to pay an exit fee.

The time to switch to a new provider depends on the type of energy contract. Experts recommend these as the ideal instances to change to a new supplier:


If you have a standard variable tariff, change your supplier once you find a better deal. This tariff does not compel you to pay exit fees. You can also take advantage of low-cost energy deals for new customers.

Before your contract ends

Energy suppliers allow you to switch without paying fees. But you must do it 49 days before your contract is due. If you do not change suppliers, your current provider will roll you onto one of their tariffs.

Will my current provider charge exit fees if I make the switch?

Most energy suppliers charge customers who leave their plans early. Exit fees cost between £5-£30 per fuel source. Check your contract with your current supplier to find out how you can avoid paying fees when switching.

Not all fixed tariffs charge exit fees. Your current supplier will not charge exit fees if your contract is in the last 49 days of a fixed energy tariff. Choose an affordable plan and switch again if you find a better deal elsewhere.

How do I choose the best green energy supplier?

Use a business energy comparison site to compare prices offered by various suppliers. Filter the results to see only renewable tariffs. For an accurate comparison, compare the figures to that in your recent bill.

Check if the suppliers offer energy tariffs with fixed-rate options at competitive rates. If you have a fixed-rate contract, you can be sure your energy bills can come down.

Also, check the fuel mix of your provider. It will allow you to see whether it supplies green energy or if it uses other energy sources. You can likewise check if they are members of the Green Gas Certification Scheme.

Are small green energy suppliers stable providers?

Small energy suppliers are not as established as the big ones. But they are becoming popular. The reason is that customers give them a high rank based on the services they offer.

Because of their size, some people fear they might go out of business. Ofgem, the energy regulator in the UK, has rules for such situations.

The customers of an energy provider that shuts down will get another supplier. The transfer does not affect the power supply of the clients.

What companies offer renewable energy?

Renewable energy providers in the UK today include Green Energy UK, Ecotricity, Bulb, Octopus Energy, and Ovo Energy. They provide 100% renewable energy and at least 10% biogas.

They support sustainable projects such as carbon reduction programs. They also hold environmental activities such as planting trees for their customers.

How else can I save aside from switching to a better energy contract?

Take advantage of the 5% VAT rate on your gas and electricity bills. To enjoy this, the total energy usage of your church must be 60% or higher for charitable events.

Is your church paying the reduced VAT rate of 5% on gas and electricity? If so, you do not need to pay the Climate Change Levy (CCL). This levy encourages all consumers to reduce carbon emissions and become more efficient.

The Takeaway

Energy supply makes things run in your church. Find a reliable provider to help you manage the increasing energy costs. Use a business energy comparison tool.

It will only take a few minutes to find great green energy deals. By switching to renewable energy, you help the planet while you cut down on your energy bills.

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