Why React Developers Are Needed

React JS is a well-known JavaScript library used by developers to build interactive and beautiful web applications and mobile ones. The framework is popular due to the ease of writing components and the opportunity to reuse them for other projects. Furthermore, it has many extensions that enhance the framework’s functionality allowing the creation of full-fledged applications. And finally, since a giant company like Facebook created React JS, it has a huge community of developers ready to provide support and advice on every step.

While React JS is an awesome feature-rich framework, you also need a skilled developer who can build attractive applications. Therefore, a developer should have a set of skills to be called a talented React JS developer. Let’s see what expertise they should have and why React developers are so needed. 

Why You Should Become a React JS Developer

The career of a React JS developer may seem unpromising if you aren’t familiar with the job market and the opportunities available for app development. Here are several reasons why the job of a React developer is perspective.

  • According to a recent survey, React specialists have pretty high chances of finding high-paying jobs. Furthermore, there are more vacancies for React developers than for specialists of other frameworks.
  • React allows building dynamic and attractive user interfaces using library components. It accelerates the development process since you don’t have to do much coding. That’s why businesses want to hire an experienced React JS developer who can leverage all the framework opportunities.
  • The next reason why you should become a React JS developer is that this framework has a large community. If you look at the number of projects available on Github, you’ll understand how big their library is.
  • Then, with just one technology, you will be able to build several types of applications such as mobile and web. And you’ll be able to do this unbelievably fast due to minimal required coding.

What Skills Every React JS Developer Should Possess

The quality of developed projects depends on the abilities of React JS developers. Hence, before hiring one, make sure he/she possesses the relevant qualifications and sets of skills.

  • A good React JS specialist should be familiar with several other programming languages such as CSS and HTML. They should be able to work with elements like HTML tags and CSS selectors.
  • JSX skills are also required.
  • You cannot do Reach development if you don’t have basic JavaScript development skills. You should know when, where, and how to access the data, store the data, and manipulate it properly.
  • You should be able to understand how prototype chains work. If you do it, you’ll also know how to achieve inheritance in JavaScript.
  • Git is another tool that every experienced developer should master to store projects.


As you could see, being a React JS developer is a promising and high-paying profession. Today, businesses want to develop mobile and web applications fast. Among all frameworks, React JS is the one that makes it possible. It allows developers to create intuitive and attractive applications within minutes due to the ready-made component available in its library.

However, becoming a good developer isn’t an easy task. First, you should own a certain set of skills to be able to build quality applications. And more, you shouldn’t forget that development skills decide your expertise level and salary. Modern companies are willing to hire talented React JS developers and pay good salaries. That’s why make sure that you constantly read and sharpen your skills because good React JS developers are valuable assets.


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