Why Is Your Website Content Not Ranking? How to Fix It?

Did you know that there are 4.4 million new blog posts published per day across online platforms? All of which are competing for readers’ attention. What does this mean? You need to build a robust search engine optimization strategy to rank high in your niche. Some problems are at the root of the low ranking and content engagement. Now which ones are they, and how can you fix them for high search engine positions? Primary reasons for the low ranking include:

Lack of content promotion  

Content promotion refers to distributing blog posts and other resources via organic or paid channels. Lack of content promotion affects your ranking since it doesn’t reach the targeted readers, even if the quality of the content is good. Some of the ways you can correct this problem include pay-per-click advertising, social media, influencer outreach, and email marketing. Integrating these marketing strategies can be a difficult process, but you can sort it out with the help of an internet marketing agency. The specialists will know the time and content to post or share with the relevant audience. 

Targeting wrong keywords

At times, you can get everything right but mess up the keywords. Keywords are groups or individual phrases that determine what your content is about and to whom it’s relevant. Using highly competitive keywords will derail your ranking since you will need to outdo established platforms, which isn’t easy. It will help to target long-tail keywords, three to five words used by readers when searching for information. This will be easy if you hire a firm like a local SEO agency with a vast knowledge of the relevant location-specific phrases that will rank your content high.

Inadequate backlinks

Did you know that backlinks are the incoming hyperlink from one website to another within the same niche? Google’s algorithms use the backlinks to analyze your website’s domain authority and relevancy. For that reason, inadequate backlinks will affect your ranking since the web crawlers won’t find your content valuable. Your website will need quality backlinks to fix this. These include those from trusted, authoritative websites with your target keyword in their link’s anchor text. However, it’s challenging to get such links on your own. It will be best to hire an agency that offers SEO services to help you. An established SEO services provider will know the suitable white-hat link-building techniques for high ranking.

The website isn’t mobile-friendly

As of 2021, there were 4.32 billion unique mobile internet users who browse using smartphones. This makes the mobile-user-friendly design necessary for your website to rank high on search engines. Google’s mobile-first indexing values website designs are adapted to fit the constraints of different screen sizes. You will need to carry out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to ascertain if its mobile-responsive design and coding practices are good enough for high SERP (search engine ranking position). It would be best to work with a team of web developers for updates should you find that the website isn’t user-friendly.

Outdated content

Outdated content is another reason for low ranking. Web users go online to search for updated and relevant content. Anything short of that, the user will move to the next website. You will need a content marketing strategy to fix this. Then you will do a content audit to organize the already existing content by how they perform. While at it, check the target keyword, current rank, traffic, engagement, and bounce rate. The metrics will help you know the content you will scrap and the ones you will revise for updates. The only perfect way to go about this is to hire a local SEO agency that knows your business’s relevant and updated information to get to the readers.

Too short content

How long is your web content? This is one reason why web content might be ranked low. SEO specialists have proven that content length affects your ranking position. As much as 300 words are okay, long-form content ranks higher on search engines. This is because it offers comprehensive information on a given topic. For that reason, readers spend more time on the page, and search engine algorithms identify it as relevant. You might not have time to write long-form content as a business owner. However, with the help of an internet marketing agency, you can delegate the duties to fix the low-ranking problem.

You are breaking SEO rules

Last but not least, your low ranking can be the result of penalties for breaking SEO rules. Some of the rules include deliberate ones like buying links or innocent mistakes like stuffing keywords. Doing any of these is counterproductive, even if you get other SEO practices right. Luckily, you can fix this by hiring experts that offer SEO services. These experts know all the SEO rules to adhere to and have the technical know-how to rank your web content organically.

Search Engine Optimization is at the core of web content creation and ranking. However, to help you rank hire faster and cost-effectively, you need help from experts. It would be best to use the information in this article to guide you to help you fix the mistakes that are causing the low ranking of your content.

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