Which car seat cover brand is best

If you’ve ever had to travel with a dog, you know that a dog car seat cover is an essential item. And if you’ve been searching for one, there are many different options available to fit your needs. But choosing the right one can be difficult—especially if you’re new to this process. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on what to look for in dog car seat covers and three great brands worth checking out!

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Car Seat Cover

When choosing a dog seat cover, there are several things to consider. First and foremost, you need protection against pet hair, stains and scratches. This means the cover must be durable enough to handle your dog’s messes. So whether you’re looking for a Jeep dog seat cover or a BMW dog seat cover, these features are universal. What are they?

> Tear resistance

You should make sure your dog seat cover is made from a durable material. For instance, nylon or polyester can be used for the main fabric. Ideally, a good cover will have at least three layers of fabric. Another great bonus would be walls with hard inserts.

> Water resistance

To keep your car seats safe from liquids, such as water from a muddy puddle or “surprise” your puppy made, you need a dog seat cover that is waterproof. It can have a special waterproof lining, or be completely made of waterproof fabric. For example, nylon we have already mentioned.

> Correct and tight fit

When you’re looking for a dog rear seat cover, it’s important to make sure the one you choose fits your car. A cover that’s too small or too large won’t be as effective as you’d hope. So be sure to measure your car before you buy one.

> Durable fasteners

Make sure that the seat belt is strong enough to support your pet’s weight while driving. Take into account your dog’s movements, as well as the risk of sudden braking. If you need a dog seat cover for a large breed dog, look for fasteners made of metal.

> Non-slipping design

We recommend a dog seat cover with a non-slip design. This usually means the bottom is made of rubber or covered with rubber dots. It prevents the cover from slipping while on the go, and your pet will feel stable. We also suggest paying special attention to this feature if you’re looking for an active pet car seat cover.

Dog Car Seat Cover “Travel Buddy”

Owleys brand’s Travel Buddy is a great back seat cover for dogs that has gained popularity since it was introduced a year ago. What are the key features that make it different from other dog car seat covers?

– Adjustable 2-in-1 fit

This pet hammock has a zipper in the middle, which allows you to transform it from a large dog cover for the entire back seat into a compact single seat hammock. Very convenient for dogs of different breeds and sizes, and in case you need to save space in the back for one more passenger.

– High protection level

This dog hammock features four-sided seat protection, a non-slip bottom and strong metal fasteners. Made from nylon-based Oxford cloth, it’s waterproof, scratchproof and has hardened sidewalls to protect car doors. This is a six-layer hammock with four-sided rear seat protection that’s perfect as an active pet’s car seat cover.

– Good-looking design

Another great thing about this dog car cover is its stylish black-brown design. With its hexagonal pattern, it has inserts and pockets made of soft eco-leather. Unlike hundreds of other car covers for dogs, the Owleys Travel Buddy looks truly premium and stylish.

Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover by Precious Tails

Here are a few reasons to consider a rear seat dog car cover for your vehicle.

– Low price

This dog car cover is a great bargain — especially when compared with the previous Owleys model. If you’re on a tight budget or just getting started, this is a good choice for you.

– Minimalist look

This cover is simple, with no frills or extra design details. It fits most car models and would best suit someone who isn’t overly concerned about the design of their dog seat cover. If you’re looking for an affordable Jeep dog seat cover or a dog seat cover for any other kind of vehicle, check out this option from Precious Tails.

– Waterproof design

This seat cover is thin, but it’s waterproof to protect your seats from liquids. So if your dog gets dirty in a puddle or swims in a dog park lake, be sure your back seat stays dry. However, it won’t protect your car doors.

Car Seat Bench Cover for Dogs and Pets Taupe

And finally, we have Taupe bench seat cover. What are its essential characteristics?

– Perfect bench seat protection

This dog seat cover, designed for bench car seats, will protect your back seat from dirt and damage. You can literally get a second layer of upholstery to keep your seats clean and safe. However, this product is not a full-body cover, so your floor, doors and front seat backs are left unprotected.

– Secure attachment

This dog car seat cover has a snug fit, staying firmly in place on the road. It’s specially designed to fit bench seats, so it follows the shape of your seat and stays in place.

– Soft & comfy design

This cover is made of polyester, with a soft and pleasant to touch finish. It will keep your pet cozy when you are driving, so you can be sure that your four-legged friend is comfortably lying on it.

We hope this information about dog seat covers for cars has been helpful, and wish you happy road trips with your dog!

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