Joanna Goddard boys

Almost a decade ago, I shared my friend Sharon’s theory…

“Every adult has an age of child that they’re especially good with,” she said — and I still think about this all the time. My friend Gemma loves holding newborn babies, whereas I always feel a wave of depression remembering those tough early days. I adore a wacky three- or four-year-old with their magical thinking and almost correct words (Toby used to say “masimoto” instead of motorcycle), but Alex has told me that he prefers the preteen years since you can have deeper conversations and watch movies you both like (I don’t disagree!).

Here are a few photos of different ages:

I cut the boys’ hair myself, and they still look sweet as pie.

Anton had just told me, “Peonies are my favorite flower and also every type of flower.”

Toby was not allowed to get a pretzel from the pretzel truck. I wish I could go back in time and get him one!

The look in his eyes, haha.

A perfect Sunday itinerary, no notes.

The boys cheering me up when I had the flu.

What about you? Is there an ages you especially love? Or look forward to? I’m so curious to hear…

P.S. What surprised me about preteens, and what age gap do your kids have?