Want to Save Money on Netflix? Here’s How

Have you heard of what VPN software can do for you if you’re an avid Netflix enthusiast? This is the Netflix discount trick only possible with a VPN! These days, saving money on anything sounds like a pipe dream (or a wild goose chase). Because of the state of the economy, the cost of everything has increased, including gas, groceries, and even the air we breathe. Applying that idea to shopping may make it seem even more ridiculous. However, everybody wants to spend a little bit less for the various online services they are subscribed to, especially when it comes to subscriptions of various kinds. Families may subscribe to multiple services, which can add up to hundreds of dollars every month. Discounts there can make a substantial difference!

The Netflix discount trick entails utilizing a brilliant piece of software that perhaps not many people are aware of. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a specific piece of software needed to save money on online subscriptions. You will be relieved to find that this cybersecurity software isn’t exclusive at all because it is accessible to everyone. We can all now employ cutting-edge open-source tools and cybersecurity software because of the internet’s modern democratic and open structure and the lower learning curve needed to benefit from it. 

Let’s now explore how you can start saving money on online subscriptions with only a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes (and a monthly payment you must fork out). Also, utilizing a VPN is entirely legal and will not land you in trouble (unless you go and do illegal things with it). Remember that when using a VPN, you shouldn’t download illicit content, access the dark web, or engage in other forms of online crime. In that situation, law enforcement has ways to locate you. 

Virtual Private Network Software

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a common type of internet connection encryption and anonymization software. A VPN acts as a tunnel through which your internet connection travels, shielding you from the rest of the internet, which can typically monitor your position using your router’s IP address and even compromise you. Additionally, once you connect to a premium VPN provider’s server located outside of your country, your IP address will change to reflect the location of that server. Essentially, you are deceiving the internet into believing you are somewhere else while being encrypted and protected from malware and cybercrime.

Saving Money Via Netflix With a VPN

In this context, what does it mean specifically to save on Netflix with a VPN? A subscription to one of the most well-known digital streaming services in the world, such as Netflix or YouTube Premium, can be obtained exclusively online. Digital streaming has become popular all around the world and is essentially replacing traditional television. All of us desire constant access to our favorite shows and movies on all of our devices nowadays. So, digital streaming makes it possible for us to do all of this and more.

Most of the time, Netflix and other premium streaming services are both seen as pricey (Netflix costs over $100 per year in some countries), and you might not always access all the content that is offered. For instance, the Netflix catalog in the United States is the most substantial of any other nation. If you’re going to spend more than $100 a year on a digital streaming service, it only makes sense that you’d want to have the finest experience possible. Because each country is allowed to apply different broadcasting rights and laws, which are frequently susceptible to change depending on a country’s economic might, Netflix’s content collection naturally varies. In contrast to the UK, US, or Luxembourg, for example, it is rare for consumers to pay $100 annually for a streaming service in third-world nations or low-income areas.

What does this entail for you, then, as a VPN user? It means that you can still seek out those third-world costs even if you find yourself in a first-world nation with a greater standard of living and sky-high Netflix costs. 

Getting Set Up

So, first things first, you must download a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, or NordVPN (either will do this trick). All you need to do is connect to a server situated in a low-income nation such as India once you have subscribed to and downloaded the appropriate VPN software type for your system. From there, you can immediately see the various pricing that is being shown to you in the local currency.

Next, make a new Netflix account after setting your VPN to what is considered a low-income nation. The cost will be supplied to you in local currency, which is Rupees in India. Select the plan you want and enter your payment information now. You will frequently need to use a credit card to do this. Any subsequent steps requesting additional phone numbers or information should be skipped. After doing this, you can even turn off your VPN and keep your discount indefinitely! This is done by using a trial service. But why do away with a VPN’s privacy and security advantages if you could have it year-round?

One thing to keep in mind is that every time you switch between VPN servers in your web browser, you must clear your cookies. As a result, you won’t draw notice to yourself, and Netflix or any other streaming provider will believe you are a new user from somewhere in the world. Because of this, unfortunately, digital streaming services are attempting to flood VPN domains for this exact reason; nevertheless, there are still ways to get past this given the number of servers available. Try out a server in South America while setting up an account and paying for a Netflix subscription in the United States. You can discover that your premium VPN helps you obtain a significant discount there!

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy sweet Netflix discounts thanks to the magic of a VPN!

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