Unconventional Caribbean: Unique And Offbeat Accommodations to Consider

The Caribbean Sea has some of the most beautiful islands where you can go for vacations. There are many historical places, scenic views, adventurous spots, etc., which will make your vacation worth it. Montego Bay, Jamaica, is one location you should not miss at any cost if you want the best time. The accommodation is also affordable, comforting, and exceptional in all terms.

You can check out beautiful and unique resorts located in Montego Bay that are fully staffed. It also has many private villas ranging from one-bedroom for honeymoon couples, oceanfront luxurious beach houses, and expansive and beautifully furnished villas amidst the hills with spectacular views.

Informally extravagant and permeated with Jamaican culture and hospitality, the villas give friends, families, multi-generational families, and couples a homely feeling. This article will introduce you to some accommodation types that suit your needs, so continue reading to learn more.

Types Of Accommodation In Jamaica

Although you can find hotel rooms for lodging there, private villas in Jamaica can give you a home-like feeling. You can relax in the scenic views of the hills and the oceanside, a treat to the eyes. Here are some famous types of accommodation of private villas in Montego Bay:

Hotels: Accommodation catering to all the tourists’ needs and tastes on a wildly varying scale and can be found all around the island coast. More and more establishments are leveraging natural beauty like the Blue Mountains.

Ochos Rios and Montego Bay have many beautiful hotels where you can lodge for a week at an affordable price. However, you may also find warm and comfortable accommodations in Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay. They have also gained quite a reputation over the years.

Boutique Hotels: Jamaica realized a few years ago that several potential holiday-makers were keen to visit the shores and look for comfortable accommodation places. But they have somehow put off the stranglehold of the large chain resorts.

After that, a plenitude of intimate and small luxury boutique hotels increased in and around the island, and many of them were converted from refurbished settlements. These boutique hotels are perfect for couples, families, friends, and even multi-generational families.

All-Inclusive Resort: Jamaica boasts all-inclusive resorts more than any other island in the Caribbean Sea. There are almost thirty scattered around the island’s most famous coastal locations, with something to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

They offer the beneficiaries of taking care of your holiday package before you arrive, from drinks and meals to airport transfers. All-inclusive resorts are typically huge affairs and well-equipped with more than one pool and many options for bars and restaurants. They are well-designed for both couples and families.

Bed and Breakfast: There’s another type of common accommodation that you will find everywhere in Jamaica; Bed and Breakfast. These local island homes can serve you breakfast and a warm bed to sleep in. But they can also provide a fascinating insight into Jamaican family life and culture. You can learn patois from the natives and dine on the finest home-cooked Jamaica fare. In addition, you can strum reggae classics, play dominoes, and swap tales on the porch or deck.

Eco Lodges: In recent years, Jamaica has embraced the concept of eco-tourism as an initiative to save the environment and for sustainability. There is a wide variety of accommodation choices, from fully-fledged resorts to self-sustaining “eco-villages,” which have segregated cottages and huts squirreled away in separate inlets.

There are also many eco-hotels around the same areas, like Mockingbird Hill, a “green hotel boutique’ retreat with a global reputation for unique designs and excellence. They are also squirreled away at the bottom of the Blue Mountains.

Beach Cabins: Romantic, charming, laid-back, and above all, a piece of the price of most hotels. Lodging in a beach cabin is undoubtedly the easiest way to enjoy an exotic holiday and make it even more happening.

And the good thing is these cabins are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank. You’d get a local feeling of the stunning location above the sand and surf. Beach cabins are fascinating and usually rudimentary, with a small veranda, thatch roof, and one or two rooms inside.

Self-Catering Villas: Self-catering villas in Jamaica are usually private villas on rent, with all the necessary equipment and accompanying conveniences for an easy and comfortable stay. They are either provided by the owners directly or by one of the villa rental agencies online.

There are thousands of properties from which you can choose one that meets your needs and requirements. Self-catering beaches have spanned the length and breadth of the islands and are worth remembering for their luxury and comfort. You can feel like an owner there as long as you are lounging.

Camping: If you like to live like a vagabond, camping is the most accessible, efficient, and affordable way of lounging. But in Jamaica, there would also be no need to “rough it” as the island has many sites that range from deluxe to rustic camps.

Some of them also have extensive on-site conveniences, including hiring tents and other materials. You also get an option to choose from botanical gardens, former coffee plantations, mountains, and national forest parks. There are plenty of options available when it comes to camping in Jamaica.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up!

The Caribbean Sea is a wonderful place to spend your vacation at any time of the year. It has many islands, one of them is Jamaica, where you can go for tours and adventures. For lodging, there are many accommodating options. From hotels to cabins to private villas, the options are endless.

Each one of the accommodation spaces has its own benefits, such as comfort and luxury. In addition, these villas, hotels, and lodges are highly affordable. You can spend a week or two with your partner, friends, and family.

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