Traveling light – pain or pleasure

What is traveling? Freedom, eye-opening experiences, languages, people, nature, exotic food – it’s life. Traveling is about seeing the world from a different side, observing life the way it is, and making your days meaningful.


We are lucky to live in the world of today as the tourist sector is developed better than ever, offering the best experiences at any point on the planet. One of the biggest benefits we have is the flexibility of airlines, as they are now more client-oriented. There are various types of fares, depending on the price you’re ready to pay and the luggage you are planning to carry.


Traveling light is enticing as its ‘lightness’ relates to price and the manner of traveling in general. A backpack with essentials, a smartphone for photos and maps, and the whole world in front of you. However, there are also moments to consider, which can spoil the moment.  Let’s figure out the positive and negative sides of traveling light so that you can decide if it is a suitable option for you.


1.   Luggage

Every trip starts with packing and the choice of the bag is the first important step in the preparation. The selection is tremendous: backpacks, duffel bags and wheeled duffel bags, rolling suitcases, messenger bags, travel totes, etc. Make sure you choose the right one, with the perfect form and pattern, as, after all, the travel bag is your faithful companion while traveling. One of the best platforms with a variety of luggage solutions is, as their choice will satisfy even the most demanding buyer.


Remember, when traveling light, you are typically limited by the size and weight of the luggage, so it’s worth checking the flight requirements,



2.   Ergonomics

Light travel is about a minimalistic style and perfectly-mastered skills of packing, it’s important to understand before proceeding to the ticket purchase. Taking a special outfit for every special night out will not fit the idea. Buying lots of souvenirs for family and friends will seem quite unreachable as well. Besides, those who are into professional photography will barely squeeze their camera and its equipment into the limited ‘light’ space.


When traveling light a backpack or a special bag for economy class is a common option, as you can take them on board, thus, you will have all the essentials with you on the plane, which promotes a sense of security.


3.   Easy to commute

When traveling light your luggage is around 7 kilos, which makes it possible to explore the city at once, without the need to leave somewhere the luggage. Your trips by public transport will always be easy and quick, as you will not worry about all the bags and keep track of all the things.


You don’t feel attached to the place, as all you need is always with you. There is no need for extra fees on the transport and on the plane (which is super expensive).


Yet again, it’s worth remembering – such lightness can be suitable for those who can make do with a pair of jeans and a couple of T-shirts. If such conditions seem terrifying, it’s better to side with the ‘heavier’ option.


4.   New soft skills

Traveling is a good teacher of life, it puts you in the middle of unplanned events, unknown people and places, and you learn to adjust. Surprisingly, traveling light goes even further – better organization, planning, fast decision-making, and the ergonomic usage of space. It teaches how to make do with the limited choice with the best results for us.


What’s more, this doesn’t only impact our traveling experience, making us more seasoned tourists; it even influences the productivity of our work, as you start showing better results with the limited instruments offered.


5.   Independence and freedom

Big luggage offers a big room for your stuff, yet, there’s always a feeling of anxiety that something may go wrong, that you have forgotten something, that someone can steal your bags, etc. All these worries don’t let you any chance to enjoy the trip and make memories. Instead, you can carry your essentials with you and enjoy your time.


There’s nothing better than just a feeling of being free and not dependent on anyone or anything.



6.   Time-saving

Time is the quintessence of all the above-mentioned options. You don’t spend hours packing and unpacking stuff, there’s no need to plan a long list of things to take; no queues in the airport, and no time-wasting trips to leave or grab the luggage. Everything suddenly becomes very simple – the place you want to explore, you, and all the time available for it.


Traveling light is one of the ways of enjoying our planet. It offers various advantages, including lower costs, easier commute, better organization skills, and more free time for exploring the places. However, it isn’t suitable for everyone, as our needs differ. Provided that you need extra room for equipment or other essentials, souvenirs, and clothes, paying extra will just seem logical.


Life is so full of wonders, don’t limit it; just grab your favorite bag and head towards the new adventure!


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