Top Forex Affiliate Programs You Should Know About


Forex affiliate systems and offers are premised on client recommendations to brokers, dealers, and plans. Forex associate programs link publicists to specialized assistance based on CPA, revenue commission, CPC, or other marketing strategies.

Because of the enormous payouts produced, CPAs in this centerline are generally higher than average. We have several top Forex affiliate programs in our folder for your mobile marketing plan.

Forex affiliate programs can be massively lucrative. Affiliate marketers have great potentiality and products with names like Ticker Tocker and Orbex that provide more reliable affiliate programs.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Forex affiliate programs and deals for all significant mobile operating systems.


Olavivo is a boutique affiliate program that specializes in the cryptocurrency, skincare, and cannabis industries. It includes complete transparency and various purpose stages that bring critical information for your promotional optimization methods. The payouts are excellent, and payments are made weekly, biweekly, or quarterly. There are numerous payment options. They provide an innovative tracking system, and the account managers who are fully qualified and experienced will be available to you daily.

Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels is a CPA network that has several promising Cryptocurrency and Forex/Trading opportunities. Profit Pixels is also a straight marketer with elevated in-house channels and monitoring tools. They welcome a diverse selection of GEOs from across the globe and recommend large weekly rewards sent through Webmoney, Wire, Bitcoin, PayPal, and USDT. Don’t hesitate to use their unique, innovative technologies, Smartlink and Banner Rotator, to assist you in hitting new audience monetization peaks. Contact your direct supervisor for assistance in an emergency, and stay up to date with their email distribution. They also offer expert marketing and technical support 24 hours a day.

Payments are available beginning with the first stated CPA and are delivered weekly by Wire, Bitcoin, Tether, Webmoney, PayPal, and Payoneer. You can also request that your private manager confirm the accessibility of any other payment platform.

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is a world-class marketing firm. Their company assists the industry’s best brands in effectively growing and managing marketing collaborations globally. Acceleration Partners’ strong points are its affiliate management assistance, which is known for assisting businesses in developing constructive, long-term, performance-based relationships with strategic affiliates. Acceleration Partners assists industry-leading brands in effectively setting up, launching, and managing their programs while smartly improving performance-based collaborations as the partnership ecosystem grows.

My Lead

MyLead is a worldwide affiliate program that has paid out over $ 2 million to its customers to date.

MyLead has almost 1,600 associate networks, seven monetization designs, and numerous classifications with specific facilities.

MyLead partners are generally paid in 2 days by given processes. The leadership staff is accessible with 24 hours service.


IronFX is a well-known internet brokerage. Its affiliate network provides excellent conversation levels backed by the internationally recognized IronFX brand, an advanced monitoring service, and a collection of various marketing products to help affiliates maximize their program participation.


One of the most significant advantages of Forex affiliate programs is that you cannot make any deposits or trades yourself. There is no need to conduct ongoing research to determine the best trading pairs to establish new businesses. Instead, you just have to advertise an affiliate link; you will receive a commission for each person who registers and deposits through that link. As a result, there are no significant risks involved, and you can begin with a small investment. Some people start with no investment at all and expand from there. You may make more money if you spend more time promoting your affiliate links, but only if you use the best methods and share good information with your crowd. If you get paid $200 per recommendation on average, you only need five people to register and make a payment to earn $1,000 per month.

You can never get a 100% if you don’t put in your efforts. Risk factors are involved in every business opportunity. Although, you cannot battle through the risks if you don’t give it a try. To summarize, Forex affiliate marketing is certainly worth a shot.

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