The Ultimate Guide On How To Grow A Female Mullet

How To Grow A Female Mullet

A mullet is a hairstyle of the eighties that has been having a major comeback in the last few decades. The hairstyle is majorly about leaving longer hair at the back and shorter hair at the front. High-profile celebrities have tried to rock the stylish female mullet, contributing to this hairstyle as a trend among women.

Every woman should at least try this amazing hairstyle once in their lifetime. The modern mullet is not very much defined like the 80’s mullet because there have been a few adjustments with the effects of civilization. Growing out a perfect mullet requires patience and some hope. Below is a guide on how to grow a perfect female mullet that could help ladies.

  1. Choose A Transitional Haircut

You can’t wake up one day and decide you need a female mullet immediately gone. Growing out a mullet takes time, and it is a process that will involve the transition and patience to have the hair grow out.

A shag is a sister to the mullet haircut, and you can try it out as you wait for your mullet to grow. The transitional haircut will also act as a destruction such that you will not have to think a lot about when you will have the mullet on. Waiting on something can be frustrating; therefore, having something to act as destruction is a perfect way to lose track of time.

A shag hairstyle may be unavoidable as you try to grow out your mullet; therefore, the probability is, why not embrace it anyway since you cannot avoid it.

If you are open to short haircuts, you can try a mixie cut which is a haircut in between a pixie and a mullet. This style will also give you clarity on whether you want to go all in to get the mullet haircut or you may have a change of heart.

  1. Initialize Styling Creatively

A mullet haircut has a certain definite shape. The shape is from the fact that the mullet feature longer hair at the back and short hair at the front. You may need to cut any new layers to create a definite shape.

You can have your hairstylist chop the longer hair at the back off slightly. If you are out of ideas on transitional hairstyles to try as you wait for the hair to grow out, ask your stylist to advise you on the options that would work for you.

As you decide on the styling creativity that you will embrace as the mullet grows out, you need to consider factors such as the time you will need to do the maintenance.

Don’t pick a transitional hairstyle that requires a lot of maintenance because that will add more work to the fact that you are trying to grow out a mullet.

Consider factors such as how often you must schedule getting as you try to achieve an even length from your mullet.

Think about the best products that you will need for styling and how flexible is your hair stylist in terms of styling. Commit to a new styling option that matches your hair texture to avoid cases where you are frustrated as you try to grow out your mullet.

It would be best only to air dry your hair as it grows out since, most of the time, blow drying may weaken it. Find as many styling options as possible as you try transitioning until you attain an even shape and uniform hair length.

  1. Figure Out What You Want

As you grow out your mullet, you must decide on the final hairstyle you are looking forward to settling for. Each hairstyle has different features, and therefore it would be best if you understand what you are looking forward to achieving at the early stages of growing out your mullet.

Some hairstyles may require you to shape the hair in specific ways as it grows out for the best results. Uncover what you are looking forward to achieving so that you can have the basics right from the beginning. The hairstyle you decide should represent your personality and as well represent the best version of yourself.

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