The Canadian Business Visa: What Are Investors Looking For?

If you are looking to move to Canada on a start-up visa program, then you’ve certainly chosen the right place. Canada is one of the top 10 easiest countries to start a business in, meaning there are plenty of organisations out there that are looking for new investments.

The Canadian government is driving through a campaign to welcome new residents who have the enthusiasm, innovation, and imagination to start, manage or buy new companies within its borders. With these businesses, Canada is looking to continue and grow the success of its economy, meaning you will become an essential cog in Canada’s ongoing development.

But before this can happen, you need investment. In order to attain a start-up visa, you must have a designated organisation committed to your business, with applicants owning at least 10% of voting rights attached to outstanding shares of the business and the designated organisation holding more than 50%.

You must also get a letter of support that proves investment – with a $200,000 investment from Venture Capital Firms and a $75,000 investment from Angel Investor Groups – look at investor visa canada information for the full requirements.

So what exactly are investors in Canada looking for? Here are a few areas of business that are growing in strength and might apply to you: 

Dairy Farming

Oddly, dairy farming is one of the most profitable industries in Canada, contributing nearly $20 billion to the GDP per annum. The barrier to entry, however, is all financial. You need a sizable initial investment for a start-up company in the agricultural industry, but it is undeniably a lucrative trade, so investors are always on the lookout to develop and grow companies that exist inside the already booming sector.


Throughout the twenty-first century, Canada has asserted itself as one of the leaders in the tech world, and there is always room for new start-ups to take advantage of the market. Working out how to start a tech business is not exactly easy, but the global-investment attraction makes it a strong sector if you have the skill and innovation. If you were to buy a small company, too, then you would have a good chance for firm expansion with the SIF – strategic innovation fund – that works to support companies on their journey.

Real Estate

In 2019 alone, real estate businesses in Canada saw an average profit margin of 46.5%, meaning it is a particularly profitable business opportunity. Canada is also known for its high cost of real estate, which is part of the reason why start-up businesses are attempting to get in on the action. Admittedly, this is a competitive market, and garnering investment is not easy, but this is where perseverance and dedication are needed. As mentioned before, it is one of the top business ideas in Canada at the moment, so if this is an area you are passionate about, you will find that there are plenty of avenues to gather support and begin the journey.

Remember, these are just three of the most profitable areas of Canadian business. Whatever you are looking to achieve with your start-up visa, make sure you do your research and put yourself in the best position to get investment and create a lucrative company that you can be proud of.

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