Telecom Provides Face the Need Revamp Their IT Landscape

The telecoms industry has always had to adapt to new landscapes and the pace of change has been fast. With the development of new 21st century technologies, today, the pace of change in the telecoms industry is now moving at warp speed.

This has put pressure on telecom companies to change and adapt, finding new OSS solutions to keep the wheels on the tracks and running in the right direction. With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into how the landscape is changing and how this can be overcome.

Operational Support Systems or OSS Solutions

Given the pace of change is rapid the following challenges will need to be overcome using robust OSS solutions:

  • Legacy Infrastructure – The newer, faster communication technologies that have been deployed in the last few years need an infrastructure good enough to leverage their improved speed and performance. Yes, you have a great network for broadcasting information over a wide area, at a speed never before seen but businesses are limited by their infrastructure. Here, data bottlenecks and this harms the bottom line.
  • Security – Faster communications are great but only if your OSS solutions can keep the network secure. With cyberattacks on the rise worldwide and success rates increasing, security must be proactive rather than reactive, and protocols must negate phishing and other nefarious schemes to damage the business.
  • Cloud – Increasingly businesses are shifting operations to the cloud. Faster, more agile and scalable than their legacy predecessors, businesses are deploying either a total cloud or a hybrid model involving legacy systems. As technology marches on, sooner rather than later, cloud will be the only game in town.
  • Data Handling – Retrieving data faster naturally means you’re going to have a lot more of it. How well your system copes with the influx and how you analyse and act upon the business intelligence demands best in class OSS solutions. As more and more businesses rely on data acquisition and analysis, this for many is mission critical.

Transforming Telecoms and the OSS Solutions

So what are the key points to focus on to ensure your OSS is up to speed? Here are good starting points for consideration:

  • Managed Services – The fact is that using a managed services from a good provider ensures that you have the robust reliability and uptime that you need for your business. A good managed service will be able to handle a cloud migration together with security, monitoring, and backup operations.
  • Network Operations – Establishing a robust end to end network operation centre (NOC) is a vital part of your OSS solution. Good NOCs will be able to handle the influx of data and have alarm systems to alert OSS solution teams should an issue occur.
  • BSS/OSS Solutions Development Teams – Good BSS and OSS development teams provide good integration with legacy and infrastructure systems through developing bespoke and customised software solutions for your entire telecom value chain.

You have to adapt your telecom industry to adopt new technologies which if implemented properly will make your business faster and leaner, but it is important to do it properly, using professional services with plenty of experience and know-how.

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