Rikers Island Wrongful Death Attorney

In 2023, Rikers Island jail complex remains an unsafe place for inmates. Nine people have died this year alone, and calls for the closure of the jail continue. No one deserves to die in jail and if you know of someone that is in need of a wrongful death attorney, it is important to choose representation carefully in your pursuit of justice.

Rikers Island is a jail in Queens, New York.

Legal Representation For Rikers Island Inmate Death

In New York City, there are many attorneys who advocate on the behalf of families that have tragically lost a loved one on Rikers Island. Attorney Jack Giordano of Giordano Law Offices Personal Injury & Employment Attorneys in New York, NY stands out as an attorney with a strong record of securing justice for families in their time of need. Jack Giordano is a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer award-winning Rikers Island wrongful death attorney who has helped the families of incarcerated individuals to achieve justice in the form of financial compensation after the loss of their loved one. Attorney Giordano has recovered millions of dollars for the families of individuals that have died in Rikers Island due to correction officer abuse, neglect, and the denial of health care.

Case Study I: Achieving Justice For The Family of Victor Woods

Victor Woods pictured with his mother

Victor Woods was a 53-year old man who was incarcerated at Rikers Island that died of a bleeding ulcer. Before he died, Mr. Wood and other alarmed inmates yelled for help as his body convulsed uncontrollably but the guard sitting outside of his cell did nothing. Video evidence showed that while Mr. Woods cried out for help before his tragic death, a correction officer sipped coffee and did nothing.

Mr. Woods’ family was represented by Giordano Law Offices following his tragic death and the firm was able to achieve justice for the family by securing a $1.5 Million Dollar settlement for the family of Victor Woods.

Case Study II: Justice For The Family of Andy Henriquez


Andy Henriquez

Andy Henriquez was a 19-year old man who was also incarcerated at Rikers Island. Mr. Henriquez died in solitary confinement of an aortic dissection, a condition that if properly treated, would not have proven fatal. Instead, Mr. Henriquez’ s pleas were ignored and was even prescribed hand cream instead of receiving the proper medical treatment for his condition.

Mr. Henriquez’s family was also represented by Jack Giordano and his firm was able to secure a 7-figure settlement for the pain, suffering, and horrendous loss of life. No one, much less a teenager, should have to endure what Mr. Henriquez did.

What To Do If Your Loved One Dies At Rikers Island

It is very important to seek out the assistance of highly qualified legal representation if your relative, spouse, or friend has died at Rikers Island. Time is of the essence and a qualified attorney will be able to take steps to secure video from Rikers and to preserve other evidence that will help you to achieve justice in your time of need.

Important Next-Steps To Take After Someone You Know Dies At Rikers:

Contact a qualified lawyer immediately. It is very important to make sure all evidence is preserved and secured in a timely fashion. This includes video evidence in the Rikers Island GENTECH system which will be overwritten and lost forever in a short amount of time.

It is important for an outside, disinterested party to obtain the names and contact information of witnesses, this includes other inmates. It is often the case that the officials within the facility will neglect to speak to key witnesses. Also, witnesses may be afraid to come forward and speak to the Department of Corrections (DOC) staff for fear of retaliation.

A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to find these witnesses and speak to them independently.

Your loved one’s personal effects should be available at Rikers and final arrangements for your loved one’s body should be made immediately. In many cases an autopsy would be helpful and this should be done as soon as possible. You have the right to have your own autopsy conducted or your own medical examiner present during the DOC autopsy of your loved one. These arrangements need to be made quickly.


Is Rikers Island Closing?

Rikers Island remains open and over 11,000 inmates are currently in Rikers right now. Despite a recent report that detailed that Rikers was “characterized by a pervasive, imminent risk of harm” to those in custody, Rikers remains open and more and more people are incarcerated there every day.

According to a recent report, between September 11, 2023 and September 17, 2023 — a one week period — there were “145 uses of force; 12 stabbings or slashings; 74 fights among detainees; 48 people who engaged in self-harming behavior; three medical emergencies; five people who received the overdose-reversal medication Narcan; 15 fires; 34 assaults on staff members; and 19 serious injuries.” In addition to these injuries, a significant amount of contraband in the form of drugs and weapons was also recovered.

Seeking Justice For Wrongful Death Cases In Rikers Island

Despite the fact that the City of New York spends over $1,000 per inmate per day at Rikers Island, the people that are incarcerated there are routinely abused, denied proper medical care, and subjected to dangerous conditions and neglect. If you know someone that has died while in custody at Rikers Island, it is not too late to achieve justice for the death of your loved one. Seek out qualified legal representation. Giordano Law Offices Personal Injury & Employment Attorneys will not charge you for a consultation on your case and attorneys will not get paid unless they obtain a recovery for you. There is help for you in your time of need.

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