Reese Witherspoon’s English-Country Inspired Home is Up for Sale: Is the Style Still In-Vogue?

Reese Witherspoon’s English-Country Inspired Home is Up for Sale: Is the Style Still In-Vogue?

Trends come and trends go in the world of interior design, and this is something that can often be seen in the houses of celebrities. Reese Witherspoon has listed her English-country inspired home. With warm wood floors and high ceilings throughout, this style is instantly recognisable – but is it still in vogue?


A key part of any country-inspired home, English or otherwise, will always be its beautiful wood floors. Some wood floors might use a parquet pattern, others might just prefer the straight planks. If this is something that you might wish to emulate in your home, a laminate flooring supplier will be able to offer you a great choice in designs.

One reason to choose wood and laminate floors will be their longevity. Make good choices and care for them correctly, and you will find that they last you for years to come. What’s more, wood floors can also fit several different aesthetics. If you decided that you did not want your home to have an English country manor design any longer, you would not have to swap out the floors when making other renovations. This can be a very expensive part of a project, but a good choice should mean that you can repurpose with ease.

Natural Light

An English-country inspired home will always try to make use of natural light. Big, clear windows let in a lot of light, and walls will tend to be painted in light and bright colours. White has been popular for the past few years and it ties into other interior décor styles quite well. However, pastels in blue, green, and peach are also popular and give a little colour to the room.

Though you might have shutters, blinds, or curtains to keep light out of a room when you need it – perhaps as this is a bedroom or a room you want to turn dark to watch a film – things should still be open and airy. You should be able to bring the outside in, and flood the room with natural light.

Comfortable Furnishings

Another feature of many country-inspired homes is soft and comfortable furnishings like chairs and sofas. Many other items of furniture might be made from solid wood and be hard but well-made. However, when it comes to sofas and chairs, you want something that you can sink into after a long day. Just picture the sort of place where you want to curl up in with a good book. This is what you need to aim for.

As for the design, it is completely up to you. Some people like to pick something that is maybe one uniform colour so it ties in with aspects of the room. If you are one for swapping out your design aesthetics often, this could be the right choice for you. If you want to make your seating more of a focal point, consider a bright pattern to help draw the eye. Choose a fabric that is comfortable to the touch but easy to clean.

The country-style might be headed out of fashion but there are many components within it that are definitely still considered desirable by other interior décor choices. With a few careful choices, you could soon overhaul your space and remove any remnants of the English country style that you initially fell for. However, as Reese Witherspoon’s home might prove, this is one style that always looks elegant and refined regardless of what is in vogue. If you like it, you should definitely add it to your home design!

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