Recreation Area Remodeling Options

Creating a cozy space for relaxation outdoors is not difficult, but first, you need to decide on the layout of the garden space. Think about what you want to do there and the things necessary for it. Create an outline that will help you structure all your thoughts. When planning the design of a house, it is necessary to build on the area of the garden plot and the specifics of the natural landscape.

In mountainous or hilly areas, it would be nice to create an additional extension on solid concrete or iron support structures and organize an observation deck overlooking the beautiful landscape. For this purpose, it is also possible to use a balcony, veranda, terrace, or even a roof to create a comfortable area for gatherings with friends. Asking for the professional help from will save you time, and you’ll definitely get the desired result.


The most common design options for a recreation area are:

  • Open area. It suggests an unrestricted place for recreation and active pastime, with the ability to comfortably merge with nature together. Perfect for both children’s events and adult parties.
  • Closed corner for privacy on the terrace or in the gazebo. In this case, various decorative elements are used to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere: framing with curtains, wooden screens, or partitions with living climbing plants.
  • Portable and mobile versions of playgrounds with a canopy on a metal frame. Excellent protection from the scorching sun and bad weather. They are easy to assemble and can be taken apart or moved to a more suitable location.
  • The backyard patio is a prototype of the Italian patio, characterized as an “outdoor room”. Since in the southern areas there is a need to hide from the hot heat, small adjustments are needed in the realities of cold climate. Therefore, it is recommended to organize such sites on the leeward side of the house to protect from bad weather and hide from prying eyes.

Arrangement of Places for Recreation

Owners of natural or artificial reservoirs in their backyard will be lucky enough to implement the idea of ​​creating a recreation area on the water. Technically, this is possible thanks to wooden platforms that look like a raft. And for lovers of unusual landscape solutions, it would be appropriate to create a recreation area in the form of an island connected by decorative bridges.

By entrusting the design to professionals, you will get an excellent architectural and design embodiment using alpine slides, fountains, or decorative waterfalls. The easiest option for do-it-yourself implementation is choosing a large tree with a dense crown or a secluded place near the fence, covering the ground with special flooring, and arranging garden furniture framed by a plant composition.

Zoning of the local area is easily feasible not with the help of trellises and hedges with climbing plants or conifers, which will perfectly purify the air and saturate it with essential oils with bactericidal properties. You can make bright accents in the design with plants by growing flower beds using all kinds of flowers, shrubs, gardens with stones, and fragrant herbs.


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