Pros and Cons of Vertical VS Horizontal Dual Monitors

Going for a multi-monitor setup and still struggling with what type of display to choose as the second one? Let’s find out together which way will be more suitable for you!

Vertical monitors can save a lot of desk space. They are helpful for writing, reading, and editing. They are less practical than classic horizontals. It won’t suit people working as cyber sportsmen in the gaming industry.

We ask electronic experts online about the pros and cons of every solution.  Here is what they tell us. If you still have questions about monitors or another tech, you are free to ask them any tech questions.

Pros & Cons of Vertical Stacked Displays


Multi-monitor setups are essential for multi-taskers. It helps you to work with multiple applications at once and don’t squint every time you look at the monitor. You can open every app in full-screen mode, saving your eyes’ health. Here are the main advantages of vertical monitors:

  1. Portrait-mode displays save valuable space on the desk.
  2. You can set up a multi-monitor work environment in a limited space.
  3. They are helpful for writers, musicians, and editors.
  4. They can offer more space for those who work in data analysis.
  5. You can keep an eye on real-time performance while doing the main job on the second monitor.
  6. You can watch portrait-mode content much more efficiently: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc.
  7. Gamers can use a vertical monitor to keep track of Discord chat or Twitch stream.
  8. You will have fewer ads on the websites that you visit. Most display ads on web browsers are targeted at horizontal screens. Hence, you will see fewer ads while browsing the internet.

But this work solution has its disadvantages:

  1. It is less useful than horizontal setups for daily tasks like watching videos or gaming.
  2. You need to buy a monitor with a special mount or construct it on your own.
  3. Harder to keep track of information. You will need to force a habit for 2-3 weeks until you are used to a new monitor.
  4. You will need to force a new pattern of mouse interactions: moving in up-down rather than left-right.
  5. It’s awkward to watch traditional 16:9 horizontal videos. So it would be uncomfortable to watch movies and other landscape-mode content there.
  6. It can be uncomfortable to work with a lot of tabs simultaneously. Also, it can be problematic to work with multiple windows because you need to stack them one on top of the other.

If you think your efficiency will grow after setting up a vertical workflow, you should try it. But you should be confident with your decision. If possible, look for 2-in-1 solutions: monitors that can work both in a portrait and landscape position. It will cost you more than a monitor with a fixed mount, but you can change the display angle anytime.

Pros & Cons of Horizontal Stacked Displays


It’s a classic solution with various options for how and when to use it. The main advantage of those displays is the variety of angles. You can still find an old-fashioned 3:4 square-like monitor or an ultra-wide 32:9 monitor (like Phillips Brilliance). You can stack them any way you want and create an extended work field for any task. Look for some main advantages of classic horizontal display stacking:

  1. You don’t need to wiggle your head up and down.
  2. It fits video editors’ needs: you can see even the longest timeframes.
  3. You have more options for mounts: there are many more setups for horizontal displays.
  4. The curvature of aligned computers will cover all vision (including peripheral).
  5. You will have better control over screen sharing. You can share the whole display №1 with others while reading helpful notes from display №2.
  6. You can comfortably watch movies, series, youtube videos, and play games. Horizontal screens are a more traditional option, so you will have a lot of content to entertain yourself.

But this decision has its flaws. Here are the main ones:

  1. It takes a lot of place on your desk.
  2. You should seek another horizontal display of the same height. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable to use this combo. Or you can use both landscape and portrait monitors in one setup.
  3. You can’t stick two ultra-wide displays together. The outer corners of both monitors will be out of sight.

Who Can Benefit From Portrait Monitors and Vertical Stacking?


It would benefit those who work with long sequences and many lines: editors, writers, programmers, chatbot creators, developers, and content editors. Is it only for the IT industry? No!

It will also help lawyers and scientists. They could read dozens of papers and assignments. Traders should try this solution, too: it will be easier to keep track on multiple platforms. Graphic designers will like this too. Proofreaders could review more text.

But what about the gaming community? Vertical monitors could be helpful to streamers and gamers who like to talk with friends. The other display can help to keep track of chats.

Possible Types of Layouts: Options for Anyone

There are various options on how you can combine your displays. Multi-monitor stacking is an expensive but popular option that combines all advantages of both types: it can be 2 landscape monitors and one portrait mode or two vertical and one ultra-wide display.

Side by side is the cheapest solution for expanding your workplace. You just buy two monitors of similar height and stand them next to each other. If your displays don’t have frames, you can set them up as dual monitors.

If you constantly change work applications, try the portrait/landscape combo. You could watch movies, work on a classic monitor browser, and write articles on the portrait option.

Summing Up: Recommendations

It would be better if you could find a monitor with various mounting combinations (under the VESA standards), so you can use it to change the display’s alignment anytime. A lot of companies make it easy to convert types of their monitors.

The final choice is up to you, so think about which combination could make your work easier and stick with it. But remember that you should pick that option that makes you more efficient and helps you to reduce back pain. It will be the best option for you.



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