PoE 2 Will Release Before 2024… Hopefully

Path of Exile 2 is set to release before 2024 should things be smooth sailing.

Hype is a vital component of the gaming scene – at least when talking about it in the marketing side of things. It boosts the popularity of the upcoming game, and it can even lead to small-time game developers having more funds for their passion project. However, when there’s a delay, it kills the hype, and in turn, the game. Path of Exile’s sequel, Path of Exile 2, is set to be fully released in 2024 with the beta delayed to 2023. The good news is that Grinding Gear Games doesn’t have any plans to put out PoE 2 in a half-baked state, whereas the bad news is that the players will have no choice but to wait for a couple more years before they can play the sequel to the, now legendary, ARPG.

From 2022 to 2024

The development for Path of Exile 2 was originally announced in ExileCon, a convention that’s solely dedicated to talking about the plans of Grinding Gear Games for their games. The sequel made headlines as early as 2019, following news about the Path of Exile 4.0 update which was also revealed during the convention. However, it should be worth noting that GGG never talked about a release date for PoE during that time. Players were merely given a tangible time frame on when the game would be out after a teaser and the gameplay overview/trailer was out (this happened in 2020, a year after the fated announcement). It was expected that Path of Exile’s sequel would launch sometime in Q4 2022, but unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case. We’re not just talking about a year of delay here either. At most, Path of Exile 2 will be released in 2024. The game can be released around late 2023, but that’s the earliest.

Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Two years’ worth of delay is nothing to scoff at. If Grinding Gear Games made this decision, it’s certainly not a light-hearted one. When they broke the news to fans that they’ll be delaying Path of Exile 2, GGG was also dealing with the backlash they received with the new releases, ranging from the last few Leagues to the balance changes made alongside them. The two-year delay isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, according to players. If anything, Path of Exile 2 will come out as a much more polished title than it would be compared to GGG trying to push through with their initial launch date in mind.

Delayed Due to the Pandemic

The delay of Path of Exile 2 was inevitably the effect of the pandemic. Aside from making everything almost a nightmare from a logistical standpoint, the job market became trickier to handle than usual. People can’t find the right job, and companies can’t find the right people. The latter is what happened with Grinding Gear Games, as the lack of environmental artists in New Zealand is one of the main reasons for the game’s delay.

PoE 2 is Set to Face Some Stiff Competition

The new release window for Path of Exile 2 poses several issues that GGG will have to face. First off, releasing PoE 2 in 2024 with a public beta in tow for 2023 can give its rival, Diablo 4, a headstart – this could hurt the interest and retention of players in Path of Exile. There’s no clear answer yet as to whether Path of Exile 2 will be able to beat their competition likes its predecessors did. For now, the community is divided into considering whether the delay is a hindrance or a blessing in disguise.

In any case, sequels to ARPG’s can be difficult to pull off, as gamers saw demonstrated with Diablo 3’s initially disastrous launch. Who can forget the uproar that the real money auction house caused? It can only be hoped that Grinding Gear Games manages to avoid Blizzard’s mistakes. The early signs are that they will. The developers are meticulously taking their time to make sure the sequel is as great as possible before it comes out the door – a good sign for any game, just look at Elden Ring and its multiple delays.

Players are beyond excited for the sequel, do you feel the same way? Let us know in the comments!

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