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Work at home – quality manager position

“Work from home” has become one of the most frequent Google searches in recent years. People faced severe restrictions that didn’t allow them to work in offices and not all companies were able to adapt to new conditions. It was hard to imagine at-home packing jobs but today we see a lot of such vacancies. Uss-Express has one of the best offers who want to work as a quality manager remotely.

Uss-Express has been operating in the delivery sector for several years. Within this period, the company has managed to acquire the reputation of a reliable shipper and employer. It provides a packing job at home for quality managers without strict requirements for candidates. Study these requirements and learn more about this company to understand whether this vacancy is what you need.

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Pros and cons of working as a quality manager

Every work-from-home packing and shipping position has its pros and cons. Luckily, the quality control manager at Uss-Express features more positive sides than negative ones. See the following:

  • the salary is paid bi-weekly without delays;
  • the salary for part-timers might reach up to $1,700;
  • the salary of full-timers is up to $3,200;
  • the possibility to communicate with the managers of the biggest logistics companies and work from home packing and shipping;
  • generous bonuses for stable and productive performance;
  • the possibility to attend educational courses and gain new knowledge;
  • free access to a specially-designed digital solution that helps to do your duties more efficiently;
  • you don’t need to send your CV when applying for this job;

The most common disadvantages of shipping jobs from home are the following factors:

  • you need to store all the items and packages at your dwelling;
  • the flow of packages is very intense;
  • you lack time for personal life if you work as a full-time;
  • the bosses and customers are always demanding.

Quality manager’s job responsibilities in Uss Express

The cons of this job might be neglected if you are a resilient and hard-working employee. You will quickly get used to the workflow if you work passionately. The thing is that such a job quickly becomes your daily routine if you work from home and deal with a very narrowed set of job responsibilities:

  • repack items;
  • choose packing materials;
  • put labels;
  • compile reports;
  • send parcels with labels to specific addresses.

The company’s reputation against the backdrop of popular reviews

If you really want to learn more about the company’s reputation, you should pay attention to the reviews of real employees and customers. The thing is that professional reviews might be often biased and it’s difficult to find honest opinions. We studied the most popular review platforms and found that Uss-Express is quite a reputable shipping company. Just take a look at the number of testimonials and the average score across the most transparent platforms.

Platform Score Number of reviews (as of the date of writing)
Indeed 4.5 24
Trustpilot 4.5 52
Ambitionbox 4 17
BBB 5 2
Glassdoor 4.4 14

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Apply for an interview in less than a minute

Want to become a part of this professional team and start work from home shipping packages as a professional quality control manager? Then, feel free to apply for this vacancy. The procedure of sending your application takes less than one minute because you don’t need to describe your previous experience in logistics and specific skills. Just provide your contact information so that the HR manager could get in touch with you for a job interview.

This interview also won’t last very long if you manage to meet the requirements of the employer. By the way, they are very simple – just make sure to have a physical address and all the necessary equipment.

Follow the updates of the company to learn about new vacancies for packing from home jobs you might be interested in. Try your best on the job interview to get this job!

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