Mattress in a Box vs. Traditional Mattress: Which to Choose?

Are you on the hunt to choose a comfortable mattress for your bed? The search can be endlessly outstretched and you may question your choice even after buying the one you liked in the first place. So why not draw a comparison of pros and cons and then decide the best one for your needs? But before you decide on your mattress, enlist your needs and specifications like material, sleep temperature, firmness, price, etc. Through a brief comparison between a mattress in a box vs. a traditional mattress, you will be able to conclude the one best suited for you.

What is a mattress in a box?

Mattress in a box also called bed in a box has gained popularity recently. For those unaware, a mattress in a box is a mattress that the company ships directly to the customer’s doorsteps in a compact box. It is distinct from the innerspring traditional mattress you find in the local stores.

The two main pros of a mattress in a box that has harboured its humongous popularity are the convenience of delivery and the cost-effectiveness. Today in the digital age, people want the convenience of home delivery for almost everything. The mattress in a box offers you the luxury of researching, choosing, and getting your mattress delivered to your doorstep. Just by browsing the internet, you can land on Australia’s best mattress in a box and soak in the comfort of memory foam with the premium support of pocket springs.

The only con of choosing a mattress in a box is that you can’t take a stroll in the store and try it before using it. If it doesn’t bother you and you want to save time, then a mattress in a box can be an ideal choice for you.

Traditional Mattresses

When going for traditional mattresses, a customer has to visit the retailer’s store and select the mattress of their choice. Talking about the pros of the traditional mattress, the option of visiting and selecting a mattress by trying it. Mattress showrooms are stacked with various types of mattresses at a wide price range and comfort level. When you visit the store, the sales associate guides you to find a perfect option in the price range and details the benefits of a mattress for you.

The disadvantage of opting for the traditional mattress is that a buyer won’t be thorough with the reviews before going into the store and buying a mattress. Like this, you may not be aware of the varied options of mattresses available for you.

Which one to choose?

Given the brief pros and cons of the traditional as well as mattress-in-a-box varieties, you can wisely make a decision. However, you can make up your mind by considering the following criteria:


One of the major criteria for shortlisting mattresses can be the price of the product. In the online option, you can compare the style along with the prices at the comfort of your home. When choosing the traditional mattress, one has to visit the brick-and-mortar store to look for options and their prices. Along with it, the online options can leverage your discounts and offers.


Another detrimental factor in selecting your piece of comfort is the quality of the product.

Mattress in a box offer variety of material:

  1. Latex: Mattresses made of latex are more bouncy and firm. Also, a latex mattress doesn’t trap body heat, which makes it suitable for hot sleepers.
  2. Memory foam: Memory form as the name suggests takes the shape of your body and hence provides you more support during your sleep. Further, memory foam also absorbs the impact and minimizes motion transfer which means you wouldn’t notice if somebody is tossing and turning in sleep.

Some box mattresses also provide the option of a hybrid combination of both latex and foam.

Traditional Mattresses are made with springs and coils. Spring mattresses are good to provide firmness and support while sleeping. However, you won’t find it as comfortable as foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses. Further, innerspring mattresses require box springs to keep the structure intact over time.

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