Leading Causes for Collisions on Florida Roadways 

According to data from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, the Sunshine State recorded over 400,000 accidents in 2021, resulting in 3,737 deaths. However, these statistics are not unique to 2021, as Florida has always been on the list of states with the highest accident rates. 

If you are planning to move to Florida, identifying the main causes of road accidents can help reduce your risk of getting into a collision. This guide highlights some causes of accidents in Florida you need to be aware of to ensure a safe driving experience.


Florida has a good climate all year long. As a result, it’s a favorite for tourists from other parts of America at any time of year. Having tourists on the road significantly increases the chances of getting into an accident. 

Tourists are often not familiar with local roadways, meaning they may be unsure of where they are going. As a result, they can drive erratically, for example, applying sudden brakes or making sudden turns when they realize they could be on the wrong lane or road. 

It is impossible to tell who the tourist is and who is not, so it is best to allow all drivers adequate following distance to ensure you have enough time to react in case something happens.

Drunk Driving

According to the NHTSA, 29% of all traffic fatalities in America result from drunk driving. Alcohol-related accidents in Florida make up for 30% of all fatalities.

Alcohol-related accidents are 100% preventable. Unfortunately, many people still choose to get behind the wheel while drunk, which sometimes ends in tragedy. 

The chances of encountering a drunk driver increase on weekends and public holidays. The allowable legal alcohol blood limit for Florida is 0.08% BAC. However, a driver is significantly impaired even with blood levels below 0.08%. 

Signs of an intoxicated driver include erratic braking, drifting out of lane, and tailgating, among others. If you notice any of these, it’s best to give them a wider following distance and berth and consider notifying the police for action.

Reckless Driving

Most Floridians are good drivers, but every state has bad characters who drive in a manner that indicates a disregard for other road users’ safety. Reckless driving includes drag racing, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, and other risky behavior. 

The best strategy to be safe from reckless drivers is always being ready for anything and taking the right steps depending on the type of recklessness exhibited by another road user. If you feel like the driver will be a danger to other road users, it is best to pull over and notify the police.

Distracted Driving

Driver distraction is among the leading causes of accidents in Florida. According to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), Florida recorded over 56,000 distracted driving-related accidents in 2021. Distractions can be visual, manual, or cognitive. 

Visual distractions get the eyes off the road. Visual distractions include checking your speedometer or taking in the scenery. But the most dangerous visual distraction is looking at the phone. 

Manual distractions take the driver’s hands off the wheel, including texting, eating, drinking, smoking, and flipping channels on the radio. Manual distractions also involve getting the eyes off the road increases the chances of an accident. 

Cognitive distractions take the driver’s mind from the road and can include things like daydreaming, heated conversations, or listening to music or any audio on the radio.


Florida has some of the busiest ports in the US. As a result, the number of trucks on Floridian roadways can be significantly higher than for most states. According to statistics, there are approximately 77,500 truckers in the state. 

Trucks present several challenges on the road, including reduced visibility because of their huge size. Also, accidents involving trucks have a very high chance of turning fatal due to the sheer weight of the truck.

A fully loaded truck can weigh as much as 80,000,000 pounds, four times the weight of an average car. 

In a collision, the odds will be against the occupants of a car. If you are injured in a truck accident where the truck driver was to blame, it is best to talk to a truck accident lawyer for help recovering damages. 

Weather and Road Conditions

Not all hazards on Floridian roads result from road users. Sometimes weather conditions in Florida can change from excellent to the most terrible within no time, which can significantly affect road users’ ability to control vehicles. 

But not all weather changes are unexpected; the meteorological department does a great job forecasting weather conditions. Therefore, checking the day’s forecast before getting on the road is a good idea to ensure you are not caught unaware, especially if you intend to take long drives. 

Road conditions such as potholes and uneven surfaces also present significant hazards on Floridian roads. Poor roads can result from poor construction and maintenance or erosion resulting from bad weather.

If poor roads cause an accident where you suffer injuries, you can consider filing a claim against the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the road. 

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