Keep in Touch with Family and Friends While Studying Abroad

The times when only emails and chats on websites were used for communication over the network are long gone. At the time of the appearance of the first applications for sharing on the PC, no one had thought about smartphones yet. But, at present, calling apps are most often used for communication if you study abroad. One of these services is Yolla.

Why Is Yolla in Demand?

Today, billions of messages are sent through various communication channels, but calling apps like Yolla have become the dominant tool in this area. The messenger market is very rich, and programs of this type have many additional functions, in addition to the textual exchange of information between two users.

Many students are abandoning traditional calls in favor of using calling apps. Therefore, you receive the opportunity to call to Cuba with Yolla app if you study there.

As you can see, such programs differ in functionality — in addition to calling and messaging, there are many other options.

Benefits of Yolla

This service is an excellent alternative to regular international voice calls since now using apps like Yolla, you can avoid calling abroad via your provider and paying a fortune for an international connection. Just hook up to the nearest WiFi, launch Yolla, and call overseas at crazily low rates.

One of the features of the service, which distinguishes it from other popular means for exchanging information via the Internet, is the ability to SMS to any number. Such a feature is provided on a paid basis. The cost of one message is only $0.15 which is cheaper than messages from operators.

In addition, you can earn credits that you can use for calls. All you have to do is invite a friend to sign up. After your friend makes their first purchase via your referral link, both of you receive $3 to your accounts. Invite your friends and call your relatives and friends at no extra charge.

How to Use the App

The app can be downloaded by owners of smartphones running Android and iOS. To create an account, you need to link the mobile phone number to the program, which is entered when you first start the application. After that, an SMS message with a registration confirmation code is sent to the user.

You can add people to your contact list — the system itself will offer to synchronize the phone book, and transfer the data. To call, you just need to click on the contact of the desired person.

The world and technology do not standstill. All calling apps and other means of communication are updated and delight users with their new features. If you need Yolla for communication when studying abroad, use this service with maximum benefit for yourself.

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