It’s 2022 and workplace bullying is still here

Bullying is one of those problems that is frequently overlooked and dismissed. If you witness bullying, then it will make you realize that it is a serious issue. Every day, several people are getting bullied, whether it is verbal or physical. People should do more to assist victims of bullying. 

Bullying is fatal and harmful because it hurts everyone in some way. Workplace bullying, as a subtype of bullying, is a consistent pattern of mistreatment that takes place in a workplace. This covers several behaviors, including personal attacks on people, verbal abuse, humiliating people, and belittling in front of others. 

Workplace Bullying Statistics in 2022  

Workplace in this time has emerged as one of the most critical problems which has been an oversight. As per monster. come survey, it has been found that almost 94% of the employees have been bullied in the workplace and around 79% of the working professionals have indirectly observed or seen bullying at work. 

Workplace bullying in America has shown drastic effects as 61% of Americans are familiar with the abusive conduct and around 60.4 million have been affected due to this horrendous act. 

Signs of Workplace Bullying 

Workplace bullying is not as loud as any other form because it has a gradual emotional and psychological impact that is not noticeable and detectable. Bullying generally does not consider harassment which makes it one of the most important reasons people get away with it. 

Therefore, It is very important to keenly observe various signs of bullying which, if consistently built on the same pattern, can become a classic Bullying scenario over time. These signs also result in anxiety, depression, and emotional reaction that helps the person to gain power over the victim. 

  1. Purposely Ignoring, not giving attention, or totally avoiding someone, pretending that they have ‘forgotten’ to invite over to a meeting or any gathering 
  2. Intentionally isolating someone completely from the group or excluding them from any group meetings, conversations, and work-related activities 
  3. Putting an employee in a state of guilt by making them feel that they are the reason for a problem, shaming them for the wrongdoing which they never did, and making them feel unworthy
  4. Becoming a reason to deliberately create hurdles in work, demoralizing them by undermining their work, creating an unhealthy air between employees by creating unnecessary competition. 
  5. Changing a set of responsibilities such as taking someone’s responsibilities, changing positions or roles, or replacing them for no particular reason. 
  6. Continuously criticizing someone’s work for the unwarranted purpose 
  7. Giving unfavorable responsibilities and creating a feeling of uselessness among an employee

Remedial Actions to be taken to address this Workplace Bullying 

In this era, where people are more aware of human rights, it is very important to protect their rights at work through various remedial actions. Responsibility comes more to the HR department to ensure that their employees deserve a safe and comfortable atmosphere. 

Creating a policy that protects the employees from any sort of bullying behavior and establishing a code of conduct in the form of a handbook where the professional tone of the environment can be set. 


Workplace bullying has emerged as a serious concern for many workplaces, affecting employees in a variety of ways, including mental health issues, stress, and uprisings in suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, 2022 will be no different, requiring everyone’s attention to raise awareness and take the necessary steps to address this issue.

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