Importance of CRM: Why your business needs it from day one

For new businesses, it may seem nonsensical to invest in Customer Relationship Management Software when you do not even have customers. But, when it comes to regulating customer interactions and lead conversions, excel will not cut it for long. There is no excuse for wasting the valuable time of your sales team by making them manually enter data on excel sheets. You hired them for their skills, their knowledge, and their competencies, so give them work where they can show this. Without a proper software, your sales team will be spending hours of time following up on leads and staying on top of customers. What’s even worse is that you will not know about the business you are losing out on.

Like any other cloud software, CRM software also solves several problems. If you are facing slow growth, decreasing sales, and unhappy customers, then Dynamics 365 CRM can make a great deal to help.

Read on to find out what the right software can do for your business.

1. Center business growth around your customers

Valuable leads can fall through the cracks when you are rapidly growing as a business. However, a CRM software eliminates the risk of lost sales by centering everything you do around your customers. It also helps align all work that is done by your sales, marketing and service teams along with the integrations and tools being used. Having a clear idea about what all your departments are doing and how much is being contributed by everyone helps you create collective center business goals and daily work around your customers.

2.  Easily sync and share data

CRMs streamline time-consuming tasks like data syncing and sharing. Gone are the days you will have to manually update and enter contacts and records. People in your company talk to hundreds of contacts every day, all of these can be automatically recorded and immediately synced in the system for you.

Now, you have more time to spend on other things. Data will not be a worry for you now, at least. The only way to serve customers is by keeping the correct data on them. This data should also be easily accessible and easily shared within your platform. Making your CRM a single source of truth will help you create personalized customer experiences. By no time, you will have a bunch of happy customers.

3. Automate daily tasks

Daily tasks usually take up a lot of your time, more time than you originally thought of. You can automate your entire business processes from beginning to end. This allows you to complete your necessary but time-consuming work, leaving more time to spend on more important areas that require your attention. You can automate almost everything, including data entry, contact recording, email sequences, chatbot conversations, sales workflows, follow up communication, and much more.

4. Simplify customer interactions

There are multiple channels through which you can reach out to your customers. CRMs bridge the gap in communication between you and your customers, solving any challenges along the way. You can integrate a large number of services and channels through which your customers engage with your business. Using social media management tools you can monitor brand mentions, likes, comments and engagements on your social media posts. Email tracking gives you detailed stats into how many leads opened your email, clicked, or left, giving you an idea on how you can further engage them.

5.     Create custom dashboards and reports on metrics that matter to your business

CRMs simplify the process of building, reporting and analyzing your pipeline. Reporting features in your CRM can be customized to help understand what metric is the most important for you. This helps you identify possible areas of opportunity and growth to create improved customer experiences. Dashboards will help your business take more improved, efficient and informed decisions. What’s better is you can build your own dashboard; with only the data you want. This means a made-to-order media monitoring that fits you just right.

Grow better with a CRM

Whether you are a small business or big business, having a CRM is the need of the hour. A CRM has all the power to scale your business to the next level. Now that you understand the important of a CRM, it is time to choose the right partner to help you implement the right system for your team!

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