How to Use Digital Signage to Make Employees More Productive

Employee productivity directly affects your revenue. When employees are productive, revenue increases. When employees are unproductive, you not only lose money from customers and clients, but you also waste money on payroll.

 While there are plenty of methods and strategies that will boost employee productivity, digital signage is one of the most interesting and dynamic strategies around.

Digital signage is a passive way to boost productivity

If your goal is to boost employee productivity, you need a digital display mounted to a wall, programmed to display specific messages and images. Once you program the software to display what you want, the rest is passive.

According to Visix, there are several ways digital signage can boost employee productivity. Digital signage can: 

  • Promote company culture. Help your employees feel proud about working for your company. When employees enjoy working for your company, and feel a sense of ownership in their contribution, they’ll automatically be productive. They’ll want to complete their work on time and to the best of their ability.

To foster a strong company culture, display company information like your mission statement, new benefits you’re offering, contests, opportunities for a promotion, and more. Anything that makes people feel good about your company can contribute to a strong company culture.

  • Be used for gamification. By incorporating gamification into your digital signage strategy, you can reduce turnover, increase growth, and keep employees engaged.

Use gamification to create contests between departments with prizes for certain milestones. The better the prizes, the more your employees will talk about the contest with each other. This will serve to create a healthy level of competition and motivate them to work hard.

  • Boost participation through digital event boards. Does your company participate in or sponsor Relay For Life? Blood drives? Local marathons? Are you hosting a company lunch or a fundraiser?

Get more participation from employees by displaying times and dates for important company events.

  • Motivate workers. Sometimes a little competition is a good thing. Motivate your team members by displaying department-based progress, KPIs, and how close you are to reaching various project goals.

If you use a task management system like Monday, you can grab each department’s percentage of completion since those stats are built into the system. Give people the motivation to kick it up a notch.

  • Recognize team members. Recognition is one of the biggest motivations across the board. People love being recognized for their contributions and achievements.

Use a digital display to share when employees get promoted or achieve a big goal. People will love seeing recognition for themselves and others.

Use digital signage to market specific messages through repetition

Marketing through repetition isn’t just for your marketing team. You can use repetition to market specific messages to your employees through digital signage. 

In 1957, a marketer named James Vicary repeatedly flashed the phrases “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” for 1/2000 of a second while a movie was playing in a theater. The results, he claimed, was a 57.7% increase in popcorn sales and an 18.1% increase in Coca-Cola sales.

This experiment wasn’t repeated and measured scientifically, but similar experiments have had successful results.

Although subconscious messaging does have an effect, it’s the repetition that really makes it work.

Repetition is the key to influencing your employees

When you repeatedly present messages to people over a long period of time, those messages start to take root in their minds. It’s not hard to see how this applies to everyday life.

For example, we all grow up absorbing the beliefs and ideas of our parents, teachers, and friends. Sometimes, we only learn that our beliefs are false after we’ve been exposed to other ideas for a long period of time.

Success teachers have been training their students with repetition for years. It’s not a mystery how it works, and you can incorporate this phenomenon into your digital signage to positively influence your employees. It’s much easier than it seems.

Display positive, encouraging, supportive messages

To utilize the power of repetition, use digital signage to display positive, encouraging messages to your employees. It doesn’t take effort to absorb new ideas – it just takes repetition.

Your messages don’t even need to take up the entire screen. They can be sectioned off in the corner or displayed as part of a rotating series of messages.

Increase productivity with digital signage today

Whether you use digital displays to foster a strong company culture, recognize employees, or embrace gamification, digital signage is an effortless way to influence employee productivity.

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