How to Trade CS:GO Skins for Money in 2022

More than 20 years have passed since the release of the first Counter-Strike. This legendary game has been modified several times to create the CS:GO familiar to us now. At the same time, the game has gained a large follower base of about 24 million active players. Naturally, this legendary game has spawned other sub-sectors such as CS:GO gambling, and CS:GO skin and swap sites.

How to sell CS:GO skins for real money

It is not a secret that CS:GO skins are increasingly in-demand items. Due to the modified appearance, obtaining the skins is a lot of fun, as it distinguishes you from other CS:GO players. The skin market has increased exponentially as it provides numerous possibilities to exchange and trade CS:GO skins for money. Because CS:GO items can quickly earn you several hundred dollars depending on the type, you should learn more about selling your goods effectively.


Sometimes, you can even obtain new, better skins for nothing through skillful exchange. For this purpose, most gamers use the Steam marketplace. This is fine if you’re only trading for fun, but remember that Steam doesn’t allow money withdrawal. You can however make fantastic deals over there, and get rare items. To do so, you must first evaluate the item and check its availability on Steam. You can also be involved in exchanging popular skins that interested players will be able to find quickly. It is also crucial to study the state of the skin (float) to eliminate scam attempts.


However, if you prefer earning money instead of just having some cool in-game items in your collection, we recommend you use alternative trading platforms such as DMarket. CS:GO skins are available here in many variations, rarities, and conditions, allowing users to select from an extensive catalog. Some features, like StatTrak, allow players to demonstrate their results, which works very well for psychologically discouraging enemies.


How to avoid fraudulent sites

We recommend that you carefully pick the websites you will use for trading goods. Of course, you should be very careful when entering your Steam credentials on third-party sites. That is why we recommend you only consider reputable trading platforms such as DMarket that meet the following criteria:


  • numerous positive reviews of real customers available online;
  • many alternative payment methods, including e-payments and cryptocurrencies;
  • reasonable commissions;
  • good assortment of trading items available;
  • opportunity to sell skins directly to buyers;
  • clear mechanisms of skin exchange for money, etc.


It would be even better if the platform can provide you with the KYC guarantee — a recognition process used by companies to verify the identity of their customers and evaluate potential and illegal risks. This will secure your deal and help you avoid losing money.

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