How To Select WooCommerce Themes For Online Shop

Sometimes the competition between online stores is just crazy. You compete not only in the assortment and quality of the offered goods. Service, delivery conditions, and how the site looks are also important. The more advantages you have over your competitors, the more orders you receive. Sometimes even the price of a product or stock doesn’t excite buyers. What to do in this case? It’s worth thinking about fundamental things. Your website may need to be updated and trustworthy. Or the reason may be the inconvenient arrangement of information in the sections and poor adaptability for mobile devices. WooCommerce themes will help you create a beautiful, modern, and customer-oriented web resource. And such marketplaces as TemplateMonster have many different options.

In this article, we’ll talk about choosing the right design that will serve you for at least a few years. Web design trends change, as do new clothing collections in your online store. Therefore, don’t be an outsider; develop your business.

What Are WooCommerce Themes

You need to configure these goods, make a couple of adjustments, and get a new appearance for the website. It changes immediately after installation. Settings exist only for those who want to change something. For example, select a different color scheme, find the right font type, choose one of the proposed Home page layouts, etc.

These products are only suitable for WordPress-based sites since the WooCommerce plugin is compatible exclusively with this type of CMS.

The main advantages of ready-made templates for an online store:

  • SEO-friendly. With it, getting a place in the Google rating is easier and faster.
  • Responsive layout. It exists for pages to look equally presentable and beautiful on any device size.
  • Multicurrency and multilingualism. These improvements suit those who work around the world.
  • Drop-down menu. It’s strange, but not all sites still have it.
  • The fixed background. It’s also called the Parallax effect. With it, sections get a more modern appearance.
  • The choice from different layouts. Some web developers create complex goods. They have several Home page templates or even separate layouts for sites of various topics.
  • This excellent feature means that the appearance is universal and easily combined with the theme of the fashion industry, men’s goods, tourist equipment, and other types of business.

We draw the following conclusions – WooCommerce themes is a multifunctional product, as it provides customers with design and improves other areas related to the website.

Rules For Choosing An Appearance For A Website

First, pay attention to the color scheme. Often in the demo, you see several variants. However, sometimes the preview contains only one option for demonstration, although there are three or four color schemes in the template. Check whether the primary colors are suitable and how they are combinable with your logo and the theme of the goods.

Secondly, the list of advantages and characteristics is more comprehensive than those described above. Therefore, you need to read the description and find out in detail what functions the layout has.

Thirdly, remember that all designs are editable. If you prefer minor changes, correct them. But when you count at least five global changes, it’s worth considering other options.

Fourth, select reputable marketplaces to search for a layout. This point protects you from low-quality designs. Everything works correctly and without failures. For example, visit TemplateMonster. By the way, this marketplace has a Sales section. And for wholesale purchases, a separate MonsterOne monthly tariff with unlimited downloads will suit you. It costs pennies compared to how many templates you may load with it.

Fifth, check how the sections look on different devices. Another advantage of TemplateMonster is that the demo has a preview of three gadgets – a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. Thus, you learn how each WooCommerce theme looks on devices of different sizes. Remember, today. Many orders come precisely from smartphones. So inspect this vast audience and discover the preview on phones.

WooCommerce Themes FAQ

  1. How to download WooCommerce themes?

If we are talking about TemplateMonster, the process is straightforward. First, you need to add the product you like to the cart, specify the contacts where you want to receive your purchase (for example, email), and pay online. Then, you receive your favorite design in a couple of minutes or instantly.

  1. How to edit WooCommerce themes?

This question is very relevant because many people want to make the settings themselves. For this, most paid goods have their instructions. Its main difference is a simple structure; many described settings and step-by-step manuals. Open the section you need and follow the instructions.

  1. Is it worth installing free WooCommerce themes?

It all depends on your decision. Paid products have updates, unlike free ones. This thing guarantees that one day the design won’t break. After all, free layouts don’t have a support team that monitors updates and makes them if necessary.

  1. Is there support for templates?

Paid items have such a service. We went to TemplateMonster and clarified this question. Support is free for six months. So, a web developer offers the help of a specialist. This point is another plus in favor of downloading paid templates.

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