How Much Does It Cost to Hire a PR Agency in Dubai?

Budgeting is the secret weapon to handling complex financial decisions with wisdom. Especially if you are running a business, you must know the market price of goods and services you avail.

Undoubtedly, PR is something super valuable when it comes to increasing your sales.

And yes, you should analyze the cost of hiring a PR agency to have value for your money.

For an annual retainer, the typical monthly PR rate in UAE between 20,000 – 25,000 AED/month, particularly for comprehensive campaigns or services from well-established agencies.

But, sometimes, your budget doesn’t match what the company demands, or you might find that the services offered by the PR agency Dubai aren’t enough.

To help you, we’ll discuss how much of a budget is required to hire a PR company in Dubai.

Breaking Down PR Agency Cost in Dubai

PR is developing and spreading content that boosts your business, products, or services to your target audience. Let’s dig into the details you need to know if you are hiring a PR agency in Dubai.

Cost Range for Hiring an Efficient PR Agency

The cost of every PR agency depends on many factors. Considering the market expansion and your business outreach, we can somewhat estimate.

●      For Smaller Firms or Businesses

The usual monthly advance with a PR agency in UAE generally ranges between 15,500 AED and 20,000 AED on the bottom end.

However, the cost varies from region to region and also depends on the deliverables for each campaign.

●      For Prominent Firms or Businesses

Top-notch agencies do also charge premium rates in the range 30,000 AED to 40,000 AED monthly, depending on the range of work and the scope of coverage targeted. 

Factors that Affect PR Expenses

The cost of hiring the best PR agency in Dubai can vary greatly depending on budgets but also other factors. There are still many other variables to consider when scheduling your PR budget.

Consider the following most significant aspects to keep in mind when hiring a PR agency:

●      Scope of Work:

A more intensive PR campaign with the goals of large-scale brand awareness and coverage in top-tier publications will demand higher budgets. The tier of publications demanded will also greatly influence the cost, and especially those campaigns that require Tier 1 publication placement i.e. Forbes, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Arabian Business, Construction Week, Lovin Dubai and more.

●      Proficiency and Experience:

PR Services in Dubai can vary depending on the experience, expertise and networks each agency has with the Media. Agencies typically charge based on fixed-fee project rates or standard monthly retainer rates with fixed deliverables.

Experienced PR agencies can charge even higher, between AED 30,000 to 40,000 per because they can develop more sophisticated strategies and promising outcomes than less experienced companies.

●      Agency Size:

More prominent agencies manage to have more funds and manpower resources and offer a more comprehensive range of benefits with a more significant price tag.

According to Sage Journals, such agencies know multiple plans and ideas for developing leads and converting them into sales. 

●      Geographic Location:

Another factor that causes price fluctuation is that PR agents in central cities or urban sites may demand higher rates than in small markets.

However, it also varies from country to country and region to region. Agencies in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah can also be 15-20% more competitively priced than the agencies operating in Dubai.

●      Industry Complexity:

PR firms in Dubai have specifications in favorably technical or organized industries, such as finance or healthcare.

These companies may need extra time and competence to provide compelling PR campaigns so their fee structure can be in the range of AED 50,000 – 80,000 or even higher in some cases.

●      Performance Metrics:

The specific presentation metrics and objectives specified by the customer can also influence the price of recruiting a PR organization.

PR is the most productive marketing tool for launching a fresh product or service.

If the client desires to calculate campaign success based on specific deliverables i.e. number of impressions or “PR Value”, the PR agency may be required to give more time and aid in these areas.

Tips to Hire the Best PR Agencies

An efficient PR agency Dubai, like SOAR PR, will provide results-driven services and stand on their commitment and stance.

We can lend a helping hand to find top-notch PR companies that align with your needs, depending on the kind of services they offer.

●      They Will Manage Business Crisis Effectively

Most businesses turn upto a Dubai PR company when they face a crisis. Accordingly, a PR firm must support these companies in managing the situation and making them flourish again.

These agencies design crisis programs to handle pressing situations while reducing the adverse impact on the company’s standing.

They Will Have Industry Knowledge

The PR agencies you choose must be specialized in specific industries like healthcare, automotive, technology, or finance.

Because you are hiring a PR company for a specific purpose, they must have popper knowledge about the subject matter or industry that you operate in. Because this will also unlock your network into industry-specific publications which only specific agencies have relationships with.

Their expertise can only be valuable for your industry when these agencies show insight into competitive threats, industry trends, and other problems that could affect public attitude.

●      They’ll Be Equipped with PR-Specific Tools

Growing and managing a successful PR drive demands considerable time and resources.

Association with the best PR agency liberates time for inner teams to concentrate on other core preferences if they possess the right tools and strategies.

A PR firm in dubai with a reputation-crafting toolbox will assist you in taking off like a rocket.

●      They’ll Produce Measurable Effects

PR companies are kept to meet standard criteria In terms of indicating the worth of their work. A proactive PR company will generate discernible impacts within the provided time.

They must deliver evident outcomes, including improved media coverage, enriched sentiment among target market segments, and strengthened brand identity.

Note: You can monitor past projects of the PR companies you tend to select to ensure they have all these factors we have mentioned.


Hiring a PR agency in Dubai has always been a challenging task. There are hundreds of companies offering their services with varied pay rates.

But we know your priority is to consider the options with affordable fee structures and who will produce substantial results for your company.

Our effort is to give you an overall analysis of the fee schedules of PR companies in dubai, along with the necessary services they should provide.

We hope this article will help you find the best PR firm in Dubai within your budget. All you need to do is to execute detailed research to hire an agency of your choice.

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