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The tax season places significant stress on businesses and the accountants to manage them easily. However, with the right tax preparation software, what seems to be the most painstaking task of the year can be a little more tolerable.

There are many controls software out there, but Hosted Drake Tax Software has proven to be the most popular and widely used due to its product quality. Drake Tax Software is used by more than 58,000 accounting professionals nationwide to process over 33 million tax returns every year, which are all approved by state and federal authorities.

What Is Drake Tax?

Drake Tax software is a professional tax management suite for small and medium-sized accounting firms. This is a control software solution from Drake Software and one of its products.

The software aims to make it easier for tax professionals to prepare and file tax returns quickly and efficiently so that they can spend more time servicing their clients and growing their businesses.


Platforms suitable for Drake Software:

  1. Drake on your computer

Drake on your desktop to install the required software on your computer and access it from there. Although this platform is limited to desktops, it has advantages such as ultra-fast speed, automated data flow, simple software updates, and email.

  1. Hosted Desktop by Drake

Includes drake taxes, accounting, and documentation, and you can pay extra to add the program. With this platform, you can operate your PC in a web-hosted, maintenance-free, and practical environment. Being a cloud-based platform, you can use it from any computer connected to the Internet and interact quickly with others.

  1. Solution based on the internet

Cloud Desktop as a Service is a fast and efficient option. It provides consumers with full online access and allows them to collect taxes from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

With Drake’s web tax software, users can create 1040 tax returns online and take advantage of a single location, multiple locations, and even customizable plans for Pay-as-you-go options.


What Are the Advantages of Drake Tax Software?

  1. One of the most appealing aspects of Drake Tax is the ability to quickly evaluate and submit user-generated tax returns.
  2. The software calculates the rate of return and displays the calculation result. This will help you determine if your return is subject to electronic filing. In addition, the software will display fees and revenue in the estimating results.
  3. Consumers can easily determine if there is a problem with the return calculation. This is because Drake Tax issues an error warning after calculating the rate of return. These error messages include instructions on how to fix the error and avoid problems that could lead to IRS rejection. You can also add notes to your tax and tax returns to remind them or convey important information to your employees.
  4. Drake Tax’s e-filing feature to file tax returns online can be used by users. You can attach a PDF document to your return and send it by email. Drake Tax gives consumers the option to digitally sign returns using a signature pad, eliminating the need for paper returns.



Drake’s tax preparation software is superior to its competitors in that it satisfies tax accountants and facilitates their work. This all-in-one platform can not only reduce the workload but also increase the efficiency of the tax process.

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