Working in the field of digital marketing is currently a promising activity. It must be said that with the internet and social networks, the professions there are very advanced. Due to its essential aspect in the commercial universe, competition is indeed tough. If you indeed wish to apply in this field soon, you must demonstrate your skills. To do so, you should start by presenting an original marketing resume to stand out from the others. In addition, the production of this essential document must be carefully crafted. The following innovative techniques could indeed be useful to you.


Marketing resume: the basics


For your information, a good resume must especially have a good structure, an innovative design, and perfect content. These are inseparable criteria for writing a good resume. Often, recruiters base their choice on these points.


A marketing resume should reflect your personality and your creativity. It is the ideal tool that allows you to prove your ability to find innovative ideas for the improvement of the company’s marketing strategy. Attracting the attention of recruiters must be based on the information included in the resume. In particular, indications that can prove that your skills are up to their expectations.


As a general rule, your digital marketing resume should include professional experience in the field of digital marketing, level of education in marketing, commerce or communication, professional and personal skills, and also a marketing certificate. Moreover, you can look at an example of a digital marketing resume to discover the information to include in this type of resume.


Information to remember for the layout


The layout should not be neglected to attract the attention of recruiters successfully. Already, the ideal would be for the resume to be visible on a single page. This will make the document easier to read. Again, the typeface must be very professional. This is the case of “Calibri” or “Times New Roman”. Despite this, it is possible to turn to a more daring typeface. But we must not forget that the document must be easy and pleasant to read.


A single color is always preferred. However, the combination of two colors may well make it more original. For more aesthetics, all visual elements must be well cared for, namely logos, photos, and also icons. On the other hand, for the structure of the resume, the classic model is the simplest to implement. Depending on the order, you can start with the header, including the photo, job title, and personal contact details. Then, you can continue with the professional profile, career path, studies, and diplomas. After that, we have the main skills as well as the secondary sections such as languages, areas of interest… Despite this, there are many resume models, it is possible to use others that could distinguish you from other candidates.


Highlight your professional experiences


The candidate’s professional background is undoubtedly the information that attracts recruiters the most. This is why it is important to take care of this part. Professional experience should really be valued. The ideal would be to present in the first place the experiences that have a direct link with the skills sought. However, it is always advisable to check the ad carefully so as not to get the wrong domain.



Therefore, it is not a very good idea to display old professional experiences there first. It is the most recent that may appeal to the hiring manager.


What about the candidate’s training and studies?

As in a classic resume, the candidate must display on his resume the year of obtaining a diploma. In addition to this, it is necessary to show in the front line the highest levels in chronological order.


In this case, if you made it to Master 2, you would start there. Then, you continue with the Master 1, Professional License in Marketing and Communication…


If the school where you studied has a good and great reputation, the ideal would be to place the information before the professional experiences. On the other hand, if your course is long in the field sought, the experience part must pass before the previous part, that is to say, the professional experience part.


What business skills to include in your digital marketing resume?


In a digital marketing CV, several basic skills must be present. Moreover, it will be necessary to have the ability to lead during meetings, the ability to implement a marketing plan, and a marketing campaign, master the different digital acquisition channels, carry out competitive intelligence, and know the budget management tools…


In addition to this information, it is also essential that the resume can include the right keywords. In fact, nowadays, a lot of people use an applicant tracking application or ATS. This is an application that quickly scans the CV. This essentially bans applications that do not meet the criteria of the algorithms.


All the previous elements are essential. But other additional information must also be included, such as the languages. In the marketing sector, bilingual candidates often seduce recruiters. Computer skills are also essential, namely Google Analytics, HTML language, CRM…


Consider digital marketing certifications


Here again, having certifications in digital marketing is a major asset to be able to get an interview. These are documents that clearly prove that you are capable of carrying out all future tasks in the chosen company.


But many often wonder about the ideal place for certifications. Fortunately, any problem also has a solution. For those who only want to announce a single certificate, the ideal would be to put it in the very title of the resume…


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