Creative Use of Voice Broadcasting Software for Marketing Campaigns

Marketing can be defined as putting your best foot forward and highlighting your or your products’ unique features that will eventually exert a positive influence. Businesses spend millions on marketing. Even NGOs and politicians spend big money on campaigns to garner public influence that will work in their favor. Given just how expensive it is to conduct in-person campaigns, TV campaigns and digital campaigns, one must find out more effective and yet affordable marketing options. Voice broadcasting software is one such tool you can deploy to very good advantage in marketing.

Voice broadcasting software

Before detailing creative use of voice broadcasting software, a brief note about it and its features:

  • The software usually bundles in SMS broadcasting software, effectively giving you a double edged sword.
  • It is easy to use. You simply record a voice message or use text to speech with the text being used for SMS. Include call back number that is linked to IVR.
  • Link messages with list of phone targets, using filters to target people according to age, economic condition, region or preferences.
  • Schedule the broadcast.
  • At the set time the software activates and sends out the voice broadcast to thousands of recipients in just a few minutes.

A tool is a tool and how you use it is up to you. Creative use can increase efficacy and outreach.

Customizing messages

This involves a certain amount of research deeper into preferences of customers. Segregate these and create custom voice messages. You can even go to the extent of creating custom message for each individual, effectively increasing impact through personalization. Suppose you are running a restaurant and have regular clientele. Then you can announce your daily specials at no great cost and increase footfalls. Likewise, retail stores can run daily bundled offers and lure customers who would otherwise remain unaware of such offerings. They can even respond through the IVR and reserve their product!

Timing is everything

Location is everything in real estate and for voice broadcast it is timing. When do people prefer to receive messages and have time to react? Find this out and schedule a message to get them at the most opportune moment and follow up the voice message with a text message by making use of the SMS broadcasting software module.

Running out of ideas? Use surveys or pollcasts

Marketing does not have to be linked with sales all the time as people assume. People like to be kept in the loop and for this you can simply send out voice broadcast with greetings of the day, announcement of future developments or anything else. You could even simply voice broadcast through the voice broadcasting software about environment consciousness or send out health tips every day. You can create a survey and get to know what people expect from you. This eventually leads to more leads. Once you implement these ideas your voice broadcast solution is going to be kept busy all day.

Popularity campaigns

Politicians, celebrities and social activists need to remain in social consciousness. Surveys show that people are likely to pick up a voice call and to read SMS messages. TV or Radio or Print or digital channels are not likely to reach out to all targets but with voice broadcasting software you deliver a message to each one, regardless of where they are and the time of the day.

Small bits

No one would want to listen to lengthy recordings. The trick is to include just one point in a brief voice recording. After all, there is no limit on the number of voice messages you can send and you can send out a new voice message with an interesting tidbit of information. It is easy to blend in some social concern issue with a “by the way…” sentence in which you convey an offer. And then, offer reward if they recommend you to others and thus earn redeemable points. The trick is to make people look forward to receiving their daily fix.

Who all can use it?

Voice broadcasting software, combined with SMS broadcasting software, is so versatile there is practically no restriction as to who can use it. Do you conduct private coaching classes? You can use it to send our notifications or brief notes. Are you a doctor or do you run hospitals? Voice/SMS is a great way to reach out to each patient, help them to fix appointments, remind them about taking medicine, offer health tips and so on. If you are a politician then this tool will save lot of money, time and effort by reaching out individually to each member of your constituency and being available too. It becomes interactive, not like a one way speech you deliver at rallies. Governments can use it to highlight their achievement and invite public participation. Small service providers like plumbers, retail shops, electricians, florists and restaurants will find it effective to increase reach, stay connected and sell more.

Find out a voice broadcast software provider, try it out and you will be hooked. Forever.

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