Best Type of Home to Own in Arizona

Arizona is well-known to offer a vast range of home styles. That’s what makes it a suitable region to own a home that fits your style and budget needs. The Phoenix real estate boasts tons of specific home styles, such as the Ranch, Pueblo Revival, Spanish Mission, Tudor Revival, and many more to choose from.

In addition, you’ll find a unique assortment of homes such as Contemporary. Here, we’ll explain each type of home you can buy in Arizona.

Contemporary/ Midcentury Modern

The Contemporary or Midcentury Modern homes are widely spread all over the Phoenix area. These homes boast clean, neutral colors and stark lines that make them very appealing.

Their architecture, graphic, and furniture designs can be traced back to 1933 and 1965 (middle of the 20th century), hence the name “Midcentury Modern.”

These homes borrow inspiration from some of the best architects in Arizona. They include Will Bruder, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Jack DeBartolo.

You’ll find these homes with modern technology that adds convenience. Their construction also comprises simple materials such as wood, glass, and steel. Most importantly, this home-style has strong clean lines with a highly conceptual design, making it elegant and easy to recognize.

Spanish Mission

The popularity of the Spanish Mission architectural style started between the years 1890 and 1950. These homes usually have adobe walls, clay tile roofing with broad eaves, and an enclosed patio.

Apart from these, you’ll find this style of home dominated by baroque pitched roofs and exterior arches. These homes are common in Phoenix’s older regions and newly built societies in the suburbs like Mesa and Gilbert.

Ranch Style

This style of home is famous for its typical open U-or L-shaped design. In addition, the Ranch Style real estate gets its inspiration from the casual lifestyle portrayed by the New and Old West. As a result, they are suitable for individuals with casual and relaxed lifestyles.

Ranch-styled homes were initially built in the 1920s. You’ll find most of these homes with broad landscaping, sunken living rooms, and different roof styles.

If you’re looking for the best architectural style for building your home, a Ranch-style home is a great option. These homes are often built for utmost function, making them popular for new home construction ideas.


Mesa’s Dahlia Pointe and Rancho Paloma are the newest communities you can find various Ranch-style homes for sale. In addition, the Willo Historic District boasts a fantastic assortment of Ranch homes to choose from.

Furthermore, most historic homes in Phoenix feature Ranch style. As such, they provide distinct, recognizable details like brightly colored fronts and doors.

Spanish Revival

Hacienda Style homes provide a fascinating appearance at a glance. They have a low clay tile roof that makes them easily recognizable. Also, their adobe walls have bright white stucco that helps retain cool air during hot and sunny days.

You’ll find most Hacienda-style homes with a courtyard with a fountain, meaning that you can enjoy outdoor privacy. Another impeccable feature of this type of home is the small windows with spindles.

With the spectacular exterior archways, this home-style reflects the Mediterranean home design. In addition, their exposed wood panels add functionality to your home. The Spanish Revival style is incredibly common in luxury areas, as many of the no HOA homes for sale in Scottsdale feature this architectural style.

Pueblo Revival

The Pueblo Revival style is a typical Southwest design. It’s inspired by the original pueblos found all over Arizona and New Mexico. This type of home grew in popularity at the start of the 20th century, but its architecture reminds you of the homes built by the Pueblo Indians before 750 A.D.

A Pueblo Revival home is easily recognizable. Just look for a historic home with flat roofs and thick stucco or adobe walls. In most cases, these homes are built around a patio, making them suitable for indoor-outdoor living.

The Pueblo Revival style is also a basic and popular design in Phoenix real estate. That’s because these homes are conspicuous thanks to their rounded exteriors, heavy wooden accents, and square windows.

You can always find an impressive Pueblo Revival home for your budget. Be sure to for one in Arizona’s historic areas like the Coronado Historic District and the Arcadia Historic surrounding, including the new communities.

Tudor Revival

While Tudor Revival homes are all over the United States, you can also find them on sale in Arizona. This home-style mimics medieval English architecture, which gives them a fanciful storybook appearance.

Tudor Revival homes are also best-known to offer a comfy charm you’ll love. That’s made possible by their dark wood lining, stony hearths, shining stained-glass windows, and exposed timber. Therefore, this type of home is ideal for people who love spending time indoors.


You can easily recognize a Tudor Revival home by looking for homes with pitched roofs, eye-catching entryways, and vast chimneys. The historic Phoenix neighborhoods are the best places to find this type of home.

Santa Fe Style

The Santa Fe-style homes are pretty common in the Phoenix real estate. These homes provide a stunning mixture of modern conveniences with traditional aesthetic pleasures. In other words, they have low ceilings and spacious doors. They also boast enlarged small windows for excellent views.

Their indoor and outdoor textures blend perfectly with the marble and stone exterior and interior surfaces. This Phoenix home style also boasts a breathtaking symmetry alongside native plants and flowers.

More importantly, the turquoise-blue front door, rustic painted tiles, decorative hardware, and terra-coat roof make the Phoenix Territorial style very appealing.

Territorial Style

This type of home is trendy in the Southwestern United States, especially New Mexico and Arizona. It is pretty similar to Southwestern styles like the Santa Fe and the Pueblo. Most Territorial style homes have a mixture of different styles.

A territorial-style home is easily recognizable as a single-story house with a flat roof, adobe, or plaster walls with smooth stucco. Their trim consists of wood on some parts of the home and bricks on other parts.

This home-style also has sidelights on every side of their front door. In short, a territorial-style home offers distinctive features that are super appealing.

Tuscan Style

The Tuscan Style concludes our list of the best homes you can buy in Arizona. These homes boast natural beauty offered by stone or stucco walls with elegant arched openings and entryways.

Their earth tones and rustic lines also blend perfectly indoors and outdoors, providing you with a famous sense of refinement and relaxation.

In addition, the Tuscan Style homes are built to offer unique airy shelter that comes in handy during hotter months. You’ll also find these homes with simple and charming interiors for extra comfort and relaxation.


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