Benefits of Using a Longtail Bike in Everyday Life

As gas prices continue to rise and climate change warnings become a reality, more people are choosing e-cargo bikes over purchasing a second family car. According to, the global market size projection for electric bicycles is to grow by almost 50% by 2027, with cost estimations of $26.73 billion in 2021 to $53.53 billion in 2027. One of the most popular bike choices that continue to gain in popularity is the longtail bike. Long-tail bikes are bicycles that can carry an extra load like cargo or a child when needed or ride like a conventional bicycle for everyday use. A longtail e-bike looks like a typical bicycle with battery power and an extended back end to include space for luggage carriers or an extra seat.

How Can a Longtail Bicycle Make Your Life Easier

Long-tail bikes are different from your typical bicycle. They are an ideal transportation option for a family or individual to use in everyday life while making daily errands a breeze. The rack on the back of a longtail bike can hold more weight than a traditional bicycle and is perfect for transporting cargo like packages or shopping bags. The longtail e-bike is also great for the family since it’s quick and easy to attach a child seat onto the back end so people can carry children to school, after-school lessons, or on a ride to learn more about the infrastructure of their hometown.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Owning a Longtail Bike


There are many advantages to owning an e-cargo bicycle and a few disadvantages. Before trading in your family car for a longtail bike, here are some considerations.


  • Cycling improves overall health. Finding time to exercise can be challenging with the demands of daily life. Cycling is a great exercise, even when using a battery to compensate for part of the ride. Riding a bicycle gets the heart pumping, fresh air into the lungs, and sun rays on the skin for that extra dose of Vitamin D.
  • It’s quick and easy to get around on a longtail bicycle. Getting stuck in traffic is the worst. Biking around urban areas is faster than driving or using most forms of public transportation. With a long-tail bike battery power, cyclists reach speeds comparable to other motorized vehicles, so riders never have to worry about being late for work again.
  • Riding long-tail bikes are better for the environment. Taking better care of our planet is vital for the future. Choose a longtail bike for a simple, affordable way to go green and skip out on greenhouse gases, toxic fumes, and noise pollution.
  • Parking with a longtail e-bike is easier and cheaper than parking a car in urban areas. Finding a parking spot in cities and other busy areas is not only a time-consuming hassle but can also be expensive. Some riders can save hundreds of dollars a month in parking fees depending on where and how often they pay for parking. Parking a longtail e-bike is as simple as purchasing a bike lock if people consider the added length of the bicycle before deciding on a space.
  • The size and weight of an e-cargo bicycle make it more difficult to store at home. The added features that a person gets when purchasing a longtail bicycle also come with a longer and heavier frame. Keeping long-tail bikes in a house, condo, or apartment can be more challenging. Longtail bicycles will need a protected storage space instead of being able to be hung up or left outside. Size and length are considerations to make before purchasing an e-cargo bike.
  • Battery life on a longtail e-bike can restrict how far cyclists ride depending on the number of charging stations around town. Since longtail e-bikes are heavier than other bicycles, battery power is essential for long journeys. Battery life can be restrictive for long trips if they are not planned out correctly. While this is something to consider, it is rarely a problem once a rider has a good grasp of how much they will need to use the battery and how long they can go before finding a charging station.
  • A city may lack the infrastructure that cyclists need for safe rides. Safety should always be a cyclist’s top priority, so it’s essential to know the routes and infrastructure of a city before making a new purchase. Unfortunately, many cities were not built with cycling in mind though there is a vast movement pushing for better road access for bicycle riders and those who want to walk or jog.


Long-tail bikes are gaining popularity because they give people and their families a powerfully efficient, green option for everyday transportation. All these desirable features make longtail bicycles a great addition to most homes. It is hard to deny that e-cargo bikes are the future of transportation worldwide.

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