Assaults in the Workplace: A Legal Aspect

If you have been assaulted at work, you may be wondering what is the way forward? Physical assaults can be traumatizing and physically damaging to the victim. Besides physical injuries, it can take people years of counseling to get over the trauma caused by such incidents.

Assault cases are becoming all too common in the workplace nowadays. Cases of employees or customers engaging in violent disputes over issues at work are nothing new. “Sometimes, a customer will assault an employee when they feel the service has not met their expectations,” says Personal Injury Lawyer Jon Ostroff of Ostroff Injury Law. “This is unacceptable, and you should contact an attorney for a consultation if you are assaulted at work.”

Who Is Liable?

What happens to the liable party in a work-related assault case? First off, it is worth noting that the party that instigated the attack will be responsible for liability expenses. This will include any expenses such as medical, lost wages, damage to property, and any other costs.

You should note that blame for an assault case often extends beyond the victim and the instigator. In some instances, the employer could also be held responsible, especially when the attack ensued at the workplace.

Furthermore, the employer might be held accountable if the attacker was an employee regardless of whether the attack was on work premises or not. This is due to ”respondent superior,”, a theory that mandates employers are responsible for employee acts while in the line of duty. Liable increases if the employer is deemed to have been negligent in the hiring of the violent employee, such as when the attacker has a violent history that the employer should have taken into account before hiring the employee.

What to Do After Getting Attacked at Work

So, what happens when you have been attacked while at work?

[MN1] The first action is to contact the police and report the assault to your employer. You should then get a detailed police report that encompasses all aspects of the accident. This will be of great help if you decide to take the case to trial.

Next up, you should contact an attorney to speak with witnesses and get their account of the scene and their details. Preferably, you speak with an attorney that has expertise in injury law to advise you on your rights in such situations.


Assaults in workplaces are becoming far too common nowadays. If you ever find yourself in such a bind, you need to be prepared for the steps to follow and the consequences, whether you were the victim or not.

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