A Time of Need: The GPU Shortage and Where You Can Buy Them

The economy is troubled because of the pandemic, but some markets are faring well than others. Some are highly affected by the pandemic. One of these sectors is the manufacturing sector in the US.

The pandemic has ravaged the manufacturing sector, reducing manpower rates by a significant amount. However, trouble also comes from non-pandemic-related disasters such as the cold weather in many manufacturing plants and more common disasters such as fire. All of these things contribute to the worldwide GPU shortage that is affecting both businesses and individuals alike.

The GPU Shortage

There are many factors we have to discuss when talking about the GPU shortage. It’s not as simple as saying that the pandemic is causing the entire shortage. It’s more than that. We’ll go into a brief explanation of each reason to help enlighten you further. However, keep in mind that these problems might be unique to some areas of the world. But we assure you, all of these problems are affecting the GPU problem in the US.

The Pandemic

The pandemic has caused manpower to decrease during the past year. This has led to many manufacturing plants not having enough people to sustain operations. However, the pandemic has also caused other problems, such as the dire need for laptops and computers.

Millions of people started to purchase laptops, computers, and tablets to help them attend school or do work. The high demand for these valuables has caused a considerable shortage of essential parts such as microchips meant to build GPUs. This has also strained many plants because the need for such devices rose so high.

The Suez Canal

Another problem that occurred quite recently was the blockage of the Suez Canal. About 12% of global trade passes through this route, and various computer parts and microchips are also shipped along this route and into manufacturing plants. The blockage of such a vital sea route has led to severe delays in GPU production. It has also affected other computer parts as well such as CPUs.

Even if such a disaster only lasted for a few days, it’s estimated that it has cost the whole world a couple of billion dollars every day in trade.

Cold Weather

The unnatural and early cold weather in the US and Mexico has hindered overall production in many manufacturing plants. This cold weather is caused by global warming and climate change, affecting not only people’s lifestyles but also the overall economy. This is problematic, knowing that the world is already suffering from the lack of manpower from the pandemic.

Fire in Taiwan

Taiwan is considered to be one of the top producers of semiconductors. However, this production was damaged severely after a huge fire engulfed a 13-story building near the port of Taiwan. This has hindered trade for a few days, choking many manufacturing plants the parts they need to continue semiconductor production.

With all of these things being stated, you might be wondering where you can purchase a GPU reliably nowadays. This might be for personal or business reasons because the reality is that almost everyone requires a GPU. The first reliable place you can purchase a GPU and other computer-related products are in PC building websites.

PC Building Websites

If you’re looking for the best and most reliable way to purchase a GPU for your computer, then you should visit a PC building website. These websites can be found anywhere on the internet and help you with your PC needs.

You can certainly purchase a GPU on PC building websites. However, that’s not the only thing you can buy there. You can get customized gaming laptops equipped to handle heavy-duty tasks or maybe an office desktop made for editing videos. The limit as to what you can build and buy in these websites is unlimited, and it will undoubtedly help you create a business.


Another way you can purchase GPUs, albeit at a high price, is through scalpers. Scalpers are particularly common in the gaming world and are considered an epidemic affecting the entire industry. But they are unavoidable during times like these because there’s no one to monitor them.

We don’t suggest this option, but if you’re desperate and have the money, then go for it. Scalpers have all kinds of GPUs for sale, even some high-end ones. However, don’t ask us where you can find scalpers. You’ll have to do the research yourself.

Scour E-commerce Stores Such as Amazon

Lastly, the least reliable option, but better than any of the other options out there, is to scour e-commerce stores like Amazon. Sites like Amazon have a dedicated tech shop. Now that Black Friday deals are coming, you should consider camping on one of these websites for the best deals.

It’s tough to find a GPU nowadays. It’s even harder to find one that’s reasonably priced. Experts believe that we will recover from this shortage in a few years, but many people need this computer part now. If you’re one of these persons, consider some options we’ve listed above.

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