A Practical Guide to Custom Challenge Coin Costs

More exists to challenge coins than the simple design of them. Business owners must pay attention to a variety of things like plating, shape, size and cost. How much will the person charge for their challenge coins? Typically, challenge coins will range from $3 to $5 per coin for 100 coins. Buying 100 coins will cost $500.

Consider the Purpose

Before someone would choose the cost of the coin, they should know the purpose of it. Who will the business owner design it for? Will the coin recognize specific branches of the military? Some collectors may be willing to pay more for challenge coins than others. When designing the symbol, this can play a role in the cost of the coin.

Someone might put out different variations of the coin to see what sells best before making the ultimate decision. Pay special attention to the colors and text. A great challenge coin that fetches a good price will do more than have a simple logo on it.

What Influences the Cost

Challenge coins will have multiple factors that influence the cost. Some of the factors that play a role include:

  • Quantity
  • Coloration
  • Size

Understanding why this influences the cost may prove helpful. For example, the level of complexity and industry standards will play a role in the size of the coin. This size will impact how much it costs. How the business owner puts up the logo and insignia will play a role as well because of how it will dictate the coloration of the coin.

Two Cost Components

The mold fee and unit price will play a role in how much the challenge coin costs. They use the mold to stamp the challenge coin and put the design on it. That mold serves as the biggest cost of challenge coins, and while a fixed cost, it still costs the most in the manufacturing process for custom challenge coins.

Priceless Value

Many times, people look at the cost of a challenge coin, but they should understand a little about them before they would sell them. To the military service members who have a challenge coin, they become a priceless coin full of memories. The coin serves as a representation in the military that the person made it out alive. For that reason, no amount of money could account for their cost.

Larger Sizes Cost More

The larger challenge coin sizes will cost more than a smaller size because of the need for more material and more molds. For example, a 3.0-inch challenge coin will cost roughly double that of a 1.50-inch challenge coin. Individuals might choose to add color to both sides of the coin, but it will cost more to do that. In some cases, people might only add color to one side to emphasize an element of the design.

Professional Custom Challenge Coin Maker: GSJJ

If you’re sure you’re interested in custom challenge coins, you can choose a reliable manufacturer that online designs your favorite challenge coins. GSJJ’s custom challenge coins have various styles, such as Navy Challenge Coins, Air Force Honor Coins, Police Challenge Coins, etc. Want to own unique challenge coins? Come here to realize your ideas!


Custom Coins: What to Know

Custom coins will require a custom mold that costs more. Some companies will eliminate the extra cost of the custom mold when an individual places a large order. Some interested in an interesting coin design, might consider this one https://www.challengecoins4less.com/blog/the-presidential-challenge-coin-highlight-of-any-collection. Keep in mind, the more someone orders, the less that they will pay per coin.

What to Consider with the Paint

What may look like a nominal amount of paint does add up when a person orders 300 or 500 coins. Because of that, they must consider the total cost of the paint for all the coins. It will add up to more paint than what the person might be thinking.

Eliminating the color fills on a coin can play a huge role in savings. The total may start at $2,645, but the bare metal will drop the cost down to $700 in savings. Another thing that someone might do if they want the color on it would be if they were to make the size smaller to use less paint.

Family Treasure

Many custom challenge coins go on to become a family treasure because of the cherished history behind them. Many of the coins will be made from gold, silver and copper. The material chosen for the challenge coin will impact the cost as well. Coins like this don’t have a material value because of the emotions behind them. The history behind them is what gives them value. This coin would make a wonderful and meaningful gift for a loved one.

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