7 rules for an online store product description that sells

We live in an era of commodity abundance. Typing a particular product into search engines, you get links to dozens of different stores. Such a high level of competition requires an extremely thoughtful approach to promotion. Often it is the wrong words in the description that scare away a potential customer. In today’s article, we will describe in detail how to avoid such a situation and what you need in order not to get lost against the background of competitors.

Always think about the customer

When writing texts, you should always focus on your target audience. Avoid abstract formulations and superfluous words. People value their time and when they see water in the description, at best, they will simply start scrolling through it, and at worst, they will prefer to switch to another resource. Respect visitors’ time and provide them with the information they need.

Don’t steal product descriptions from competitors

You can never get the attention you want without a unique style. Plagiarism is out of the question, your texts should be expressively different from the rest. Of course, it is hard to be original when writing technical information, but you should strive to present it differently than others do.

Don’t use SEO text

SEO text is not always an effective promotion technology. The description card requires conciseness and does not tolerate large volumes. In this regard, it will be extremely problematic to arrange the keywords appropriately. Also, scanty verbal formulations will be immediately noticeable. Don’t limit yourself to the SEO format, as it will give you significantly less space to create good copy. If you want to draw additional attention to your site, it will be better to use CPA affiliate programs. In the event that you work with products for maintaining health and beauty, you can resort to special nutra affiliate programs.

The simpler the text, the better

Remember that you are not writing a book, so there is no need for excessive complexity or figurative structures. Your primary goal is to quickly give the user the information they need. Of course, the description of the product also requires creativity, but it should be aimed at the capacity and readability of the text. Otherwise, you risk confusing the user and scaring them away.

Description readability

Never provide a description in the form of one large canvas.

Properly structure the text, break it into subheadings with bulleted lists, highlight the most important thing and don’t forget about paragraphs. The user should easily navigate in the text and quickly isolate everything they need for themselves. Therefore, don’t beat around the bush, give the buyer the essence. The benefits of green tea or the history of coffee beans, of course, can be interesting, but you need to be extremely lapidary in product cards.

Provide detailed information

The more expensive the purchase, the more carefully the buyer approaches it. Try to give them all the necessary information. Your description should always:

  • give an explanation – why they need this product and how to use it;
  • identify advantages over similar products;
  • have all the main characteristics: price, weight, composition;
  • be directed to the target audience and written in their language;
  • have content confirming the specified information, i.e. testimonials, certificates, etc.

Sell benefits

Remember the importance of emotional color in the description. Your text should not be just a dry presentation of information. When creating a description, try to convey not only the merits of the product, but also what emotions it can give to a potential owner. Motivate the user to buy, let them imagine the pleasure they will experience. But remember that a sense of proportion is extremely important in such things. Approach the description of emotions realistically. Promising that the coffee machine will change the customer’s life forever will bring them nothing but laughter.


In fact, the main principle of creating a description is customer orientation. Think about their comfort, respect their time and do whatever is necessary to keep them interested. If you follow the above rules, it will not be difficult at all. Approach the description cards wisely and you will soon achieve the desired result.

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